I'm sorry to inform you: if conforms to the 10 characteristics, is a sign that you are old

as the saying goes, people live seventy ancient rare.Now more than 70 - year - old people, their bones can also be very tough.Age is not a sign of aging, physical operation status is.White hair, wrinkles, presbyopia...Which signals to remind you getting old?

I'm sorry to inform you, if accord with the 10 characteristics, shows that you are old

experts questioned

geriatrics society of Chinese medical association members Jin Enze

10 signal represents your "old"


eye fatigue

often dry eye , look not clear, the evening is more sensitive to light, etc.


eating situation much

because of parotid gland secretion of saliva, easy dry mouth .Because of swallowing, chewing ability becomes poor, facial muscles, eat easy choking, eat slowly, or complain about food cooked too hard, chewing often accidentally bit to the inside of the cheek, meat.


taste than before heavy

old taste buds after degradation, smell cells, eat less tasteless food.Especially for sweet and salty is not sensitive feeling, easy to cook cooking more salty, having a high acceptance of sweets.


high blood pressure than ever to

after increasing age, artery sclerosis, narrow and low elasticity, blood pressure will be higher than the past.Combined with renal function with age of natural degradation, affects the ability of the platoon sodium, elevated blood pressure more easily.


shorter height, and weight loss

intervertebral disc after old atrophy, low bone mineral density change , add muscle wasting faster, cells less moisture, and so on, the old man's height, weight will gradually decline in some than ever before.


after falling ill, restore slower

immune function with aging, injury, wound healing will be slower than before, a cold also need more genius will recover.


the toilet than before for a long time, often change

because of intestinal muscle is unable to add the intestinal nerve aging, human intestinal peristalsis decreases after the old, is easy to have a constipation, solution difficult .

in addition, people grow old after bladder capacity will be a little less, and less urine hormones secretion, causing frequent micturition, especially at night to go to the bathroom more often.


sleep habits change

includes more difficult than ever before to sleep, sleep time less than before (usually gets up early), easy to wake up at night, and need more sleep during the day, etc.


often falls, or nearly fall

bone degradation, smaller muscle recession, ankle joint mobility, walking will not consciously dragging their heels, or accidentally kicked the items has been tripped.


walk slow

because of heart and lung function decline, coupled with lower muscle atrophy, joint mobility, pace will be smaller than before , walking fast easy breath, or feel tired, want to stop to have a rest.

don't four disease signal when aging

after getting older, physical decline, slow reaction was inevitable, most of all.But some of the abnormal symptoms, particularly easy to be seen as the phenomenon of natural aging, probably need to treat disease.

I'm sorry to inform you, if accord with the 10 characteristics, shows that you are old

mild hand shaking,

old nerve function after mild degradation.Research statistics, people over 55 years old, can appear the symptom of hand shaking, 40%.But more than 95% are not serious enough to affect the daily life.

however, there are some hand shaking, it is possible that Parkinson.In general, Parkinson's in addition to hand shake, usually there are stiff limbs and facial expressions, slow, poor balance symptoms, body looks a little hunchback, and the conditions of shaking hands in a stationary or activity will occur.

memory becomes poor, slow

after the older, because of cranial nerve conduction material to reduce reaction will be a little slower than before, less attention, or occasionally forget something.But most of the time, does not become more bad memory.

if you find that your elders have significantly less memory, such as only about things often repeated replacement, forget the things which happened in a day or two before, forget about the past has been familiar with the matter, and there are irritable, strange behavior , etc, will note may be dementia .

often fall

although smaller because of insufficient strength, joint mobility, slow reaction and so on, can make the old man falls or stumble.

but the pace of instability may also be caused by brain nervous system problems, such as stroke, alzheimer's disease , etc., are likely to cause disharmony and fall.

as a result, when the fall in the elders, and have to confirm whether there are when he fell suddenly giddy, headache, muscle weakness, nerve palsy .

fatigue, asthma

after the old manual, cardiopulmonary function, some old people are engaged in the activities of the previous habits, such as shopping, climbing stairs, shopping, etc., will be more easily fatigue or panting.But breath and fatigue is one of the symptoms of heart disease , to be vigilant.

particularly women, according to the statistics, of women in acute myocardial infarction (mi), more than seventy percent had asthma, fatigue, insomnia, indigestion, anxiety, but no chest pain.

as a result, if the elderly asthma or fatigue, not only after physical activity for a while, and there are shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, impotence, bosom is frowsty symptoms, it is better to go to older medicine or heart medicine.

I'm sorry to inform you, if accord with the 10 characteristics, shows that you are old

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