Have a long nodules, every five 3 recruit not with experts to teach you

a lot of people after examination, the examination report found that these nouns: thyroid nodule, mammary gland nodules, pulmonary nodules...Due to the insufficient understanding, most people would panic doubt, don't know if I need surgery?Nodules can turn cancer?Tossing and turning, ShiBuZhiWei every day.

have a long nodules, every five experts teach you 3 recruit

some people talk about nodules, has also been seriously at all, lose the chance of early treatment, small make up for it now you untie knot nodules.

nodules exactly?

the cause of the nodules is not yet clear, in essence, nodules is a relatively small volume of the mass, called bag piece slightly larger, can be in any parts of the body, common thyroid nodule, nodules of the breast, lung nodules, skin nodules, etc.

nodules just imaging on a descriptive term, refers to the size of the lesions, rather than the nature of the lesion, must through the further inspection or check regularly to determine the benign or malignant.

have a long nodules, every five experts teach you 3 recruit

most nodules are benign

at present, more than 90% of the thyroid nodules are benign nodules, even more than 95% are benign, even thyroid malignant tumor, there are more than 95% belong to the papillary carcinoma, it is an inert tumor, transfer, also do not love.

and lung nodules, though more in Asia, but only 10% ~ 20% are malignant, most of them are benign, there's no need to worry about.

has clearly benign nodules are not cancerous

once it detects nodules, you listen to most of the processing method is "periodic review".Why do you want to review on a regular basis?Nodules in the future may canceration?Many people think of nodules is even cancer early, sooner or later will become cancer or nodules.

in fact, the nature of the nodules is not changed, that is to say, has been clear for benign nodules are not cancerous.But the nature of the nodules must be determined by pathological diagnosis can, never done pathological biopsy of the nodule cannot say it is benign or malignant.

expert clew: under normal circumstances, the benign nodules follow-up for 3 ~ 6 months, if not much development 1 ~ 2 years, basically they will take care of it.Never for the sake of peace, cut in surgical removal of the nodules, otherwise may hurt and blood vessels and nerves.Only when the nodes surrounding not neat, a large number of calcification, abnormal blood flow, oppressive nerve, organ, or affect beautiful, can consider surgery.

have a long nodules, every five experts teach you 3 recruit

experts teach you three recruited from nodular

check list

benign nodules only regular follow-up observations can, without medication or surgery.Once every 3 ~ 6 months follow-up, grew up with and without apparent, peripheral morphological changes, whether smooth surface, film is complete, whether to have calcification.If it is a malignant nodules, should according to the doctor suggested, determine the surgery or not.


in addition to routine checkups, like thyroid nodule, breast nodules, usually also can by touch from inspection.

  • border to see

if the nodule boundary outline clear, benign possibility;If the boundary is not clear, check further.

  • the hardness

in mammary gland nodules, for example, similar to the lips touch is soft, essentially normal;Like the tip belongs to medium, may be fibroadenoma;Like touch his forehead belongs to a hard, may not good.

  • the activity

generally feels run around the nodules may be good;If it feels more fixed, may be not so good.

  • feel

in general, the pain of nodules benign possibility;If the anodyne, wrong probability is higher.Skin nodules is different, if in subcutaneous nodules, not red swollen not painful, is benign commonly;Red and painful nodule, on the leg or nodules appear burst, must go to see a doctor.

  • growth

usually benign nodule growth speed is slow, and malignant nodules grow fast.

what need reminds is, a lot of nodules located in the chest, the place such as the cervix, the body can't rely solely on the introspection, with the aid of ultrasound can clearly find small lesions, doing the judgment, if necessary to do X-ray and mri.

have a long nodules, every five experts teach you 3 recruit


experts agree that although nodules for unknown reasons, but can be prevented.The good life habit, for example, quit alcohol, the regular work and rest, do not stay up late, maintain good state of mind, stable mood.

usually eat more fruits and vegetables, on a regular basis to the outdoor fresh air, a yearly check, etc., away from the poisonous and harmful material, pay attention to the protection under special circumstances, such as wearing a mask, radiation proof clothes, etc.

have a long nodules, every five experts teach you 3 recruit

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