the body is good to touch this bones to know!

there is a bones in our body, it has a very magical function, how is your body? is there any disease? just touch the bones, you can know, what is going on? come with xiao bian together to understand what the body is good, touch the bones to know!

the ancients said:"there is no consultation in the clinic, face clinics without bone diagnosis fast,"a body well, just touch the second metacarpal immediately know that, because the second metacarpal is the epitome of the whole body, people's internal organs, limbs bones in the second metacarpal have a corresponding holographic point, xiao bian prompt you friends, although the touch the second metacarpal can quickly check out the health of people, but must master some of the know-how to understand the bone in order to know it.



when you push down the palm of your hand to the wrist, can be very clearly touch a relatively hard bones.1, if the root is not fat on the bones, there is no lumps raised and depression, it shows that this person is very healthy, and not lack of calcium, bone is very tough.that he was a small child nutrition comprehensive, balanced, physical exercise was good, to the physical quality is also great now.

if such a person has a physical discomfort, that he is not a bad body, but because of external factors caused by interference with the body.for example, is not smoking, drinking, life is not the law? is not the recent busy, the lack of serious sleep? is not a bad mood, career, family is not smooth? this time as long as to remind him to exclude the interference of external things, more to outdoor sports, and then teach him some diet, massage and health care methods, his body will soon recover.2, if the bone feels soft, meat and bones are vaguely linked together, bones everywhere on the pimple, it shows that the person from childhood on the sick, has been sick crooked come today the

such a person can tell you about his problems.encounter such people, you do not control which he is now seriously ill, which disease is light, as long as the conditioning of his spleen and stomach, told him not only to arrange a nutritious three meals a day, but also the food as much as possible to do the soft, fine, rotten, in order to digest and absorb, and asked him every night before going to sleep with hot feet, to increase blood circulation, and through the diet in a timely manner to make up the blood.

such people do not let him exercise more, take a walk on addition, before going to bed to do some easy to sleep a simple massage, such as the ear massage, hair, beat the shoulder, rub the arm, which is very practical for the frail people.over time, blood up, sleep well, and many of his problems will be unknowingly slowly did not alone to rule him which disease, but the overall improvement of his physical fitness, enhanced his resistance.

however, the disappearance of such a person's physical discomfort is only temporary, his body is poor, only by the daily care and maintenance, can not get sick.but as long as the body will be conducive to the diet and massage perennial stick to it, he can also be healthy to live every day, to live a hundred years old.

3, the other head feels pretty clear, but will still touch a few or a few bulge, then you according to the second palmbone map marked the location to find the corresponding organ.such as the first point of the acupoints and foot points for the stomach point; stomach and the first point of the connection point of the heart of the heart; lung heart and the first point of the connection points, the middle of the two sub-points followed by the cervix and upper limb acupoints; lung heart and heart points of the middle point of the liver points; stomach and foot points of the connection is divided into six equal parts, from the stomach point of the five sub-points followed by duodenal acupoints, kidney, waist, lower abdomen, leg points.

and in these raised places you press hard, the patient will feel very painful.and the disease is relatively light, sick time is short, in the bones of the raised is not obvious, you a little bit while pressing down side to go.

if there is an obvious hemp, swollen, sour, painful feeling, it is on behalf of this part of the corresponding organ addition, the second hand of the second metacarpal should touch, when the left hand the second metacarpal acupressure tenderness than the right hand of the same name strong points, indicating that the left side of the disease or disease in the left; when the right hand second metacarpal acupressure reaction than the left hand of the same name strong points, indicating that the right side of the sick or sick on the right side.

is just learning to understand the metacarpal diagnosis, you can first find a body stick of the young guy or girl, touch the second metacarpal, and then touch the elderly, and then go to the frail people to touch, slowly will be able to appreciate the different physical characteristics.touch the bone and then ask them what disease, to find the second metacarpal tenderness point, repeatedly try to figure out, continuous practice, you can quickly grasp the most simple diagnostic method.if combined with hand clinic, ear clinic, face clinics, comprehensive judgment is more accurate.

the second metacarpal bone of the soft and hard, and people in the bone development period(7 to 20 years old) between the physical exercise has a great relationship.those who love sports, bone is very hard in addition, different regions of the person's second metacarpal also have a big difference.

southerners are generally more soft bone, and in the north, more rigid bone, which is related to the local water quality and sunshine time.southern rainy weather is more, sunshine time is short, is not conducive to the absorption of calcium; and the north is full of sunshine for many years, conducive to the absorption of calcium, so that the bones strong.another point, the softness of bone and personality also have some relationship.bone harder, character generally fortitude, stubborn; and soft bone, the character is generally more easy-going, introverted.

the second metacarpal not only can be used to diagnose the disease, but also for long as you touch your second metacarpal there are tender or raised, it means that the corresponding parts of your body may be sick, free time you often press, not use the thumb of the pulp to press, because the area of ​​this point is relatively small, hand pressed when the area is too large, not use the joints of the thumb by the press, so exciting, the intensity of can also use the pen, comb and other hard objects to press the blunt point of the site, but also can play a very good effect.

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