sudden! goodbye shop!

september 12, no.1 shop announced that it will share with the jingdong mall, including procurement, marketing, logistics, services, including the whole supply chain system.and this may lead to business migration, no.1 shop will also be reduced to a simple flow of imports, no.1 shop era ended!

september 12 news, suspected shopkeeper shop a message circulated in the circle, the news that no.1 shop will be closed in october, triggering speculation.

although the rumors have not been confirmed, there are businesses broke the news that today(september 12, 2017) afternoon, no.1 shop pop and self-platform businessmen received a shop official letter, access to the no.1 shop will be combined with jingdong to achieve joint procurement, and on october 8 this year, the platform to stop the service agreement notice.


shop no.1 will be fully moved shop to jingdong

pop businesses not renew

shop no.1, broke the news business , the original shop will be shared with jingdong mall, including procurement, marketing, logistics, services, including the entire supply chain system.the original no.1 shop third-party businessmen can be stationed in jingdong pop platform, and self-business customers can choose to cooperate with the new company, if not accepted and the agreement between no.1 shop to continue until the expiration of the contract.

this is where all self-contract expires, no.1 shop or will have its table, the station all the goods will come from jingdong and need to jump to jingdong mall to buy, into a simple flow of imports.


migration is just the beginning, no.1 shop ending is uncertain

as early as 2014, easy to fall in the hands of march of that year, jingdong and tencent reached a cooperation, tencent to 214 million us dollars+qq online shopping+c2c pat network+a small amount of easy xun equity(estimated to be about 10%) won the jingdong ipo before the 15% stake.

at this point, easy to fast, patting and other easy main jingdong.later, the entire commodity supply chain system moved to jingdong, patting easy to fall to the natural demise of the outcome.june 21, 2016, jingdong announced a series of in-depth strategic cooperation with wal-mart, and to additional 5% of the total investment, equity for the latter's no.1 store core assets.

strict sense, this event is not"jingdong acquisition of a shop", but wal-mart strategic investment jingdong, no.1 shop as an additional"packaged"sold to jingdong.

the industry believes that the no.1 shop is irrelevant"dowry", compared with the retail line of jingdong is about 1 shop nearly 20 times, no.1 shop can not give jingdong market share the promotion.

the beginning of the marriage or has been destined to the final outcome, jingdong already have a strong flow of support, no.1 shop pop business although its shape, but already do not have the actual sales shop is likely to become the next beat easy xun.


goodbye, no.1 shop

in this regard, netizens have said:

the end of the time! 5 years old club ah

@wu meizhong:what can be seen, easy to fast is an example

@davidzhang:capitalist routines, wal-mart acquired shop 1 , jingdong in the hands of the acquisition of wal-mart no.1 shop, behind everyone we all understand

@love rabbit and beads of small gray:from my shop to your shop finally into his shop

@long:the more monopolistic the more opaque, and recommend other giants to enter the retail fast sales have progress only

@lei yu-bin-laughing:really ah......or escape the easy fate.jingdong now online business super main opponent is the cat super, it is impossible to do so scattered resources, but also part of the energy come out again tube 1 shop, wal-mart shares jingdong is to want to do online performance, through the replacement again to feed their own online business.jingdong no reason to then open the supply chain to do, is certainly the resources together, with the strongest state to counter ali.

@harlan xiaoqiang:man has to go, leaving only fond memories, goodbye my shop

have you ever bought something in the shop no.1, how do you see?

1 shop development process

july 2008 shop site officially launched

september 2008 the first 10,000 users born

in january 2009 the first 100 million users were born

february 2010 beijing storage center put into use

april 2010 guangzhou storage center put into use

p> may 2010 ping an invested 80 million yuan to buy 80% stake in no.1 shop

december 1, 2010 shop to achieve annual sales of over 800 million

2011 1 month wuhan technology research and development center to establish

2011 february mobile phone shopping"pocket no.1"launched

march 2011 shanghai new library put into use

2011 in may 2012, the ministry of commerce approved wal-mart's no.1 store in january and february, may 2012, the ministry of commerce approved the wal-mart's call center in wuhan and chengdu in may 2011.

of the holdings increased to 51.3%, the largest shareholder

july 2015 wal-mart from the founder and peace in the hands of the acquisition of a shop shares.wal-mart acquisition has not yet held a shop shares, the latter will be wholly-owned 1 will continue to operate under existing the wal-mart global e-commerce asia president wang road will be in charge of no.1 shop.

june 2016 jingdong announced the acquisition of no.1 shop.

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