comparison test mazda cx new and old models more than a different driving sense of complete subversion

the new generation of cx-5 will be officially launched on september 21, in order to become a new generation of cx-5 will be listed on september 21, in order to so that we early adopters early, we contacted a test drive in advance, the dealer gave us a choice of"high with"models for comparative testing, we test drive in the process and repeated training and confirmed:this new cx-5 can i test with cash cx-5 test drive? he gave the answer is"eight nine away from ten".

that is good, since it is a replacement, small play certainly can not enter the consumption the next day, we through the cash models and the upcoming models of a series of contrast, look at the new generation of cx-5 in the end"new"where!

the new cx-5 can be said to be completed from the"driving pleasure"to"driving comfortable"aspects of the change.the new cx-5 in the driving process which did not have the cash cx-5 kind of momentum and fierce, but more soft and comfortable.

throttle pedal in the low-speed state than the cash models are more light, has no cash cx-5 that kind of bit away the sense of irritability, driving feel completely on the feeling of two cars.when the high-speed driving, the tire noise and wind noise is more obvious, the new cx-5 in the high speed, the new cx-5's speed longer than the cash to be slightly longer, the overall speed is smooth; 5 tire noise and wind noise control to enhance the obvious, the whole driving process is relatively quiet.

thanks to the presence of the gvc system, driving the new cx-5 is confident when cornering, this system will optimize your cornering, like an old driver to help you drive.

for the occupants, high-speed cornering will effectively reduce the vehicle roll, increase ride comfort.such a change may be a gospel for the occupant, but for the driver, the driving pleasure is a lot less.

depending on the configuration, the function of the key will change, but not will affect the overall operation of the feelings, and these keys will not often use, it will be placed in a relatively subtle position; block the nearby multimedia buttons and knobs look easy to understand, and the new cx-5 added auto hold function.

due to the angle of the shooting, there is no clear display of the window button change at the cx-5 is oblique design, the new cx-5 is the level of the actual use of the process which is not much difference, the left hand is still able to accurately find the front and rear windows of the button, little effect.

as the new car is not yet listed, the configuration is not too much information, but it is understood that the cash in the high with models on some of the configuration will be dropping to low or even entry-level models, and some of the configuration will become the standard system.

from the actual visual effects point of view, the new cx-5's front face looks more flat, in the net around the chrome trim is more broad and obvious,"mouth"bigger, although the"eyes"become smaller, but more than the cash models of god, after all, small eyes together.

the front grille is the most obvious change in this change , from horizontal to mesh, and nowadays popular mesh socks are very similar.

the new cx-5 has a bulging part above the car, and separated from the hood, very much like a full addition to the beautiful design, in fact, there is a very important role-to reduce the collision process of pedestrian damage, accompanied by test drive changan mazda insiders introduced from the"front lips"back to install a suction can box, the energy box can effectively reduce the collision with pedestrians or non-motor vehicles caused by the injury.


headlight group, not just the shape of the change.the new cx-5 led headlamps maximum exposure distance can reach 300m; daytime lights on the use of optical fiber material, you can create a better shape; the new headlamps light effect closest to the sun, pedestrians and the other vehicle driver the eyes are a good protection; daytime running lights, headlights and turn lights use a light bulb, full of sense of science and technology.

the difference in fog lamp shape will make you mistakenly believe that this is two cars , the new cx-5 fog lamp looks like there will be a dolphin eye feeling, but so slim design from a distance you even think that the new cx-5 did not install fog lights, no matter what kind of design, as long as no effect normal use just fine.

as with the headlamps, the new cx-5 taillight design is more emphasized integration, and cash cx-5 rounded different, the new cx-5 corner of the eye is more acute, we all began to plastic surgery, and open a corner of the eye is not too much.


side changes are mainly reflected in the line, if not carefully observed, it is difficult to see the cx-5 lines extend to the tail in two sections, while the new cx-5 lines are connected from the front to the rear, the overall look more smooth and simple.

the main changes in the turn signal are in front of the new cx-5 depending on the light, perhaps for the overall appearance, but the use will not be affected.

the body side of the brackets are also different, the cash cx-5 with the end of the a little radian, the new cx-5 is straight with the body line synchronization.

this position is the location of the two models of the b-pillar, modeling at first glance see no difference, in fact, the biggest difference is that the use of the two materials are very cx-5 is the use of plastic material, the new cx-5 is the use of piano paint material, the advantage is that after prolonged use is still able to maintain a certain brightness.form cx-5 has designed a small triangle on the rear glass.

window, and the new cx-5 such a design greatly expanded the rear passenger's vision, increased chrome trim also appears to be more beautiful.

the changes in the hub did not bring too much surprise to the small series, there is a change of feeling.

the interior design contrast

the new cx-5 begins to compromise with the consumer

the new cx-5 changes in the internal storage space is also more.the bottom of the console in the depth of the storage compartment deeper, easy to put the phone and the like items; armrest box near the cup design more practical; door storage compartment more space, and there are hierarchical design, very human the


this time the change can be said to be very thorough, the quality of the interior to enhance the trust that can meet the appetite of more consumers, of course, if the price is not beautiful, no good!

the new generation of cx-5 will be listed on september 21, we can guess the price below, we will draw five friends, sent the"three drivers"for you a fine gift the finally, thanks changan mazda nanjing tianrui 4s shop full assistance.