people to do a good job to sign a japanese visa to stay in hangzhou, a travel agency in japan to start a thorough check visa

according to the relevant information

recently, 70 people from guangzhou to find a hangzhou travel agency sent for japan to sign, after leaving the group stranded japan does not return; recently, the japanese visa shanghai collar may began to crackdown on materials, the material for 10 thorough investigation, no simplification; behind to go to japan to play a small partner attention!

the travel agency is currently facing a fine of 7 million and the possibility of jail; if you have not got your visa, but also the fraud travel agency signed, you are not lying in the gun! quickly find out whether your visa has been canceled, the embassy may be written off a period of time before and after the agency, has been signed but not yet entry visa;

on may 8, 2017, japan began to implement a new visa policy for tourist visas, with a very clear positive policy for applicants with single and three-year round-trip visas.

the japanese embassy/consulate visa office does not accept a visa application filed by an individual, that is, a visa can only be obtained through a qualified travel agency.

tourist visa

● because the japanese tourist visa needs to travel through the travel agency/agent, so the visa price will be different, here only to provide official visa fees as a reference

please contact the travel agent/agent for consultation

[purchase japanese visa service]-[prepare the required information and submit the required information.

● japanese visa for the official processing time for 5 working days, plus travel agencies/agents the first safe trip to japan, the three-year and five-year visa for the first trip need to apply for a visa after the three-month, please pay attention to travel time, to avoid visa expired;

●"sign"only for single travel visa, three and five years visa needs to be returned for the first time submitting the return report to activate the visa;

the embassy may, as required, require the applicant to supplement the material, especially when some of the procedures to simplify the agency, the probability of such a situation higher.

application materials

basic information:required materials for all applicants

▲ this form information is subject to the may 2017 standard

retirement school children need to provide material(required):

month standard

note! according to the latest provisions of the japanese embassy visa office in september 2016, the chinese ministry of education undergraduate college students, graduate students and graduation within three years of the original simplified application materials, you should be submitted to the material"economic capacity proof"to replace the ministry of education directly under the university issued by the"proof of reading"or"diploma", you can apply for a japanese tourist visa.

auxiliary asset certificate:

auxiliary asset certificate applies to all principle, no mandatory requirements are required, but the more the better.


the latest visa policy

may 8, 2017, japan to implement a new visa policy, more relaxed on the application for tourist visa conditions, the most eye-catching is a single visa can be used credit card gold card to replace the income certificate, as well as three years many times the visa will have to go to the three northeastern counties, increased to six counties in the northeast.

a proof of funding for a single travel visa application

is relaxed to a proof that you can use a bank credit card to replace 100,000 years of income.

three-year round-trip travel visa

canceled the need to have access to a japanese tourist visa, and travel restrictions on japan, that is, no japanese travel experience or even white passport can also apply for a three-year visa.

the original provisions of the northeast of japan three counties+okinawa optional one night accommodation restrictions, increased to the northeast of japan six counties+okinawa.

how long do i have to apply for a japanese visa?

japanese visa from the beginning(regardless of several times), must be in 3 months to go to japan, in general, a single visa will be given to three months, many times if the three month will not be do not apply for a visa after three months of travel visa.

1 to 2 months in advance for more appropriate day, the japanese embassy for 5 working days, but the travel agency/agency will review the information, usually 10 working days, if the embassy asked to fill information, the time will be longer.during the hot season, the visa cycle will be longer.

2.why is the agent now can simplify the procedure? do you fly?

some of the agency will only require the applicant to provide the most simple information, or even do not need to prove, ticket travel and other information.before you go to visit the travel agency/agent evaluation, if you want to secure a sign, you can according to the japanese embassy to provide a list of qualified travel agents, to choose who to apply.

3.couples for visas, need to provide complete information?

to provide a marriage certificate in the case of both husband and wife to submit one of the complete information can be, including assets, employment certificate.

4.what is the"return report"? why do you use it?

after the japanese visa has been signed, it will receive an a4 paper with printed forms and personal information.need to carry this form when traveling in japan, and return the form to the airline's staff when handling the check-in procedure.after returning to the form postal or take pictures to the travel agency/agency, by them to carry out sales processing.

note! if you do not have the time to sign the registration procedures, will affect your next japanese visa, so please take seriously. did the return report lose?

if you are inadvertently lose your return report, please return the passport home page(personal information page) and the japanese visa page on an a4 paper to the agency formalities.

6.why do i have a visa to be asked to pay a return deposit?

some of the applicants will require some of the conditions of the applicant to provide 100,000 to 20,000 ranging from the return of the deposit, for example, in the non-household registration area to apply for a visa.when the applicant on time to return, the agency will be part of the frozen funds returned in time.the money is only used for illegal detention, not timely return to the case of punishment, if the agency does not return in time or have additional deduction behavior, the applicant should also take the initiative to safeguard their own interests.

immigration and customs declarations

:japanese entry card chinese version

there are two forms of entry cards and customs declarations before going to japan for flights and landing counters.non-japanese immigrants are required to complete both forms and confirm their the immigration department, the immigration card will be handed over to the staff member and the customs declaration form will be submitted to the customs counter after the baggage is withdrawn.

▲ both forms are available in chinese, but are required to be completed in english or japanese.

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