why you will be spleen and stomach the old doctor's words explain too thoroughly!

why do many people appear to be spleen and stomach? this should start with the relationship between the spleen and stomach.

from the traditional chinese medicine, the spleen and stomach are each other in the table, the main stomach food, spleen main transport, together to complete the digestion process.although the two of them are closely related, tacit understanding, but the character is not the same.the stomach of the main drop, so that we are the initial digestion of food and its dregs to the next line; and temper the main l, the diet of the essence of nutrition transported to the body; stomach hi run dry, spleen on the contrary, it likes dry and wet.

under normal circumstances, the spleen and stomach of this satisfied that the rise and fall, run and dry, is complementary to unity.once the spleen strong stomach weak, or stomach strong spleen weak, the food and digestion process with the poor, not harmonious, there will be bloating or diarrhea and other symptoms.all the symptoms caused by this reason, can be called the spleen and stomach.

in general, the most common symptoms of the spleen and stomach is to eat no appetite, after eating bloating, there are other stomach pain, vomiting, belching, diarrhea, constipation and other symptoms.in short, in general, where the loss of appetite, stool pond vent, abdominal distension, etc., more or less with the spleen and stomach are not related.

what are the serious consequences of the spleen and stomach? it seems not so serious is not it? so, many people know that their stomach and loss, but for the appetite of this phenomenon not only do not care, but feel very happy:"how good, you can eat something, do not worry about getting fat."as for the occasional stomach pain, mental burnout, they do not agree,"ten nine stomach"well, who has not a stomach ah.i had a lot of friends with this idea.

but we think about it, the main function of the spleen and stomach is to digest, which is not good partners can work together, a direct impact on the digestion and transportation of nutrients, then the body of various organs are can not get enough nourishment, a long time, what will be the consequences? try to think of yourself as a tree, if the nutrition can not be shipped to every branch, the results will happen? the reason is the same.

so what exactly does it cause spleen and stomach there can be a lot of reasons, there are innate factors, but most of the habits with the day after tomorrow, especially eating habits.as the function of the digestive function of the organs, the phenomenon of the spleen and stomach does not appear, obviously with the diet is directly related.

in general, lead to spleen and stomach loss of improper diet, can be divided into two areas:one is what you eat, the other is how you eat it.

, if you love ice cream, the stomach may suffer, and for a long time it may become weak, keep pace with the pace of the spleen.< br/>

say"how to eat", certainly do not want their stomach too much work, so it's like easily digestible food, you have to be a gentle lady slowly, and if eating things are always three mouth swallowed, sorry, the stomach will be unhappy.if you see the food you like to stop, wait for them to eat twenty full, that stomach is certainly not happy.

and the spleen and stomach also like to work on time, if you want to eat when shashi hou to eat, that spleen and stomach have to stand at any time, ready to serve you, a long time they will be tired of.so you want to pay attention to the spleen and stomach like to eat what you eat, rather than listen to the mouth; spleen and stomach like how you eat, how do you eat, and not arbitrary as long as you have enough respect for them, care for them, the spleen and stomach will not move to make a small temper.

author:shen ning, professor shen-style gynecology 20th generation descendant of the famous medical scientist shen shao gong heir, btv"yangshengtang"column important guests, with a representative works,"shen style female subjects 600 years:women will not be raised old,"said a book through the mystery of traditional chinese medicine.

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