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now we all know that communication is a basic conversation online with a micro-channel.whether you know in reality or online social software know, but many people do not know how to chat with the girls on the wechat, which is the most we encounter things, as if they can not talk about girls interested in the topic of to share with you a few chat skills, so that the other would like to talk to you.

first:exchange questioning

looking back on their own with the girls when the opening, is not all in the question?"hello, are you?""what is your name?""i want to know you can?"generally this situation will rarely care for you.this is actually committed, just ask each other information, but do not say their own information to promote the"exchange of questions."

when you first provide your own value, this value is the value of the language, the value of interest, rather than to ask for her value, ask someone else is a question asking for value.i know that you may feel that the question is to talk a kind, you can get each other's fact, you are wrong, the most typical is to give people the impression is to check the account, people like reciprocity, you provide information, i was willing to provide my information, and here you have to know one thing, that is, if you want really attracted each other, then you need to let the other side to understand you, think about you even a character, work, hobbies, taste, three view and so do not know each other, how can you?

"my hobbies are reading, playing, musical instruments."this is because we first contribute their own value, ask each other, the other will tell her own information.

so that the other side can feel your trust in her, more importantly, you first provide the value.

when chatting, tell the other party's own information, most of the other will tell her own information.i use information to exchange with you, rather than directly ask for your information, so that girls will feel the balance of mind, get her information is easy.

second:curiosity chat

curiosity is the most able to drive people.when you are curious about a person or one thing, you will try to find out time, let the girls curious about you, then the girls will take you as a gift to pursue, take the initiative to accuse you.

look at the following example:

"i see your avatar, so i think you are not appropriate on the wechat?"(strongly caused by girls curiosity)"i found that you have three important advantages."there are 70 ways you can please you"girls".

generally will be back.ask me what merits are.

when chatting on the web, this is a conversation, because you are talking about her, and she wants to know what it is.girls must know is worth something she can only chase the same as chasing prizes.

people ask you to eat no, answer, eat it.the topic is like dogs do not answer to like, there is no topic.

the right thing is to ask

"what are your hobbies?"the answer is too much, you can read, watch movies, swim, travel, play the game.

"what activities do you have at work?"the other party can answer, go to karaoke, go to the movies, go shopping.

"what little sport do you like?"the other person answered, dog, little free, kitten.this topic immediately opened.

open question, simple bar that is, most of the time with any questions, the topic suddenly opened.

1 enter the title bcdef

female:i just want to talk about love

back:do you talk about what is love?

analysis:we want to let the girls say more words.many boys listen to girls say this will certainly echo her words, but eq high boys will not.take the girls will certainly say that love, so that you can read from her more words on their own views on love, relative to find some basic views with the girls, this is the consistency of the three points consistent, slowly in this communication to produce a good impression.

please enter the title abcdefg



back:i now have two things to do, the first busy tease you play, and second, i am in the think why i am so big, every day from south to north, from east to west, wandering all day long tired of the waves between many women, and occasionally tired, want to escape a woman rest, and they are crazy to call the same i?

back:in fact, do courier tired, i need to comfort.

analysis:the face of the girls do not yield to yield, we have to ridicule her, and then throw two topics are a joke and humor, a word so that each other interested, understand people know are a mood ridicule, and other girls after the reply, we told her that the courier is actually a joke, to cause a contrast on the emotional.

3 enter the title bcdef

female:i think i was still when your sister~

back:no wonder recently was always said------your sister, the original they say you are, how do i see you like my sister do not like you, you are more than her harmony.

analysis:do not look at her topic.whether the answer is yes or not how good, we only misinterpreted her, and then say a neutral word,"harmony"the other must ask you what it means, so girls to catch you

4 input title bcdef

female:how do you so stupid?

back:i also feel strange, before are still good, how met you i became stupid, was infected it

analysis:and girls do not blindly to accompany her, come to the door is never the best, we have to show their high value.

please enter the title abcdefg

if you want to get rid of the single, want a girlfriend, but you usually live very house, and even the courage to know the girls are not, and girls chat, not dating, or even you alone for more than 20 years or virgin.if you are aware of your own problems, want to completely change yourself, if you want to change from now on, do not know how to do it, then you can and i become a good friend, even if you are not high and not handsome, and even no money, but also allows you to learn in the shortest time to get married.let you in love on the road to regain confidence, clinches, set foot on the way to conquer the woman's emotional freedom.

with their complaints, why not try to change, the most silly is not stupid, but not to change! if you still think that the girl is relying on the value and money, your life will not change the status not let yourself sink on the verge of failure, just let yourself begin to make some small changes, then your life will begin to be different! remember:when you change yourself, everything is changed.

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