this woman because of repeated pregnancy now a touch on the stomach after the pain to check the tragedy produced!

xiao wang is a 30-year-old pregnant mother, this is now her second production, and before that, she gave birth to a pair of twins, and this is actually a triplet , even her own are surprised, how will each time they are such a situation ah ah.

of the well-off family, far enough to support these children, mainly did not think they will be born triplets, surprise surprise, but the child was born, wang's stomach has changed, belly touched on the pain after birth, her belly becomes horrible


mothers have a baby is not easy, xiao wang's stomach is now very serious, but no way to change, can only wait for their own month gradually restored

the children are so beloved, but they are worried that they can not give them.

good day, and now the child's father alone also forced to go to work, but the children are more costly.

conclusion:fate in their own hands, for example, happy, you are not happy, who will pity your sorrow; for example, strong, you are not strong, who will pity your useless; for example, who will accompany you to stay; for example, you do not care, who will waste you fanghua; for example, you are not persistent, who will be with you back and long as the fate of their own hands, we can find the flash of life.the opportunity is always there, if you can not grasp, do not blame people, because they are not good; do not always when the garbage, only cherish the years, to improve the quality of life; between the two points may not be the shortest, sometimes if you are wrong, then stop, if not, then abandon; hurry is not as fast as possible, master the right direction of the most important.