mother pregnant two tires i give a thousand mothers every month scolded shameless i threw out the real estate license she immediately shut up

some people just like to be hit face, do not give her face, and now fall out of the more honest.people really is a strange race, i knew so honest, and i do what tortoise grandson daughter? forbear for more than two years, and now this day let me had a very comfortable.after such a downtown, i am also at home can be said on the words, away from the mother-in-law nagging that is so happy...

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and mother-in-law a bit, in fact, i really can not bear, and no way can only resist.things are like this, i was the only child at home, some time ago mother suddenly said that accidentally pregnant.yes, my mother forty people pregnant with two tires, she said to be born, i certainly did not view.from an early age to aunt hurt me, and now i grew up also have their own family and income, she wanted to have any reason i stopped?

originally, this is nothing, but my dad suddenly fell ill, looked at the mother was difficult.i know she is afraid of dad if the disease is no serious money to raise a child, so i pay pocket every month to the mother 1000 tell that the money is my own work to earn, i have their own work, stable and income is higher than her husband

this is known by her mother-in-law, her violent temper, against me abusive.what words are scolded out, that i eat in the grilled outside, do not that time i was also angry, and took out from the room real estate license, lost in front of her mother said that this house is my son and my money to buy, one out of half of the have to marry 80,000 dowry, wedding ceremony fifty or sixty thousand you all taken away from the married to your home i have not spent you two old one penny.even your son 's money i did not spend a point, my salary is higher than your son, my words my own money against you?

after that argument mother-in-law speak to me a lot better, it is estimated that her husband also gave her a thought work looking back on my hands and feet before my mother-in-law, and now the day is really comfortable.

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