daughter to work six months to get back to see the scene downstairs i was ashamed of hardships

my daughter grew up well and had never let us talk, and had a particularly good academic performance, and the neighbors said that i was going to talk to me.daughter is a few thumbs.i and his father are in the company to work, usually did not spend a lot of time to take care of him, because the company often overtime, so take her the task fell on the grandparents who.these years we have been very guilty, that owed the daughter, so always find a way to make up for her.

from small to large, what good things, and immediately bought her.people often say that the poor sons and daughters, we are in accordance with this standard to the.grandpa is a senior intellectual, usually pay special attention to the influence of the daughter of culture and training.so the daughter of calligraphy, painting so far can be considered to be a shot, and that the grandfather is contributed

my daughter was admitted to a prestigious university, everything was step by step.it is reasonable to say that we have nothing to worry about and worry about, because in accordance with this development track, the daughter of the future should go good.

we do not have too many restrictions on the daily expenses of her daughter every month, because we feel that after the university, certainly spend some bigger.i gave her a card, every month to give her a regular fight 2000 dollars, in fact, there is no strict restrictions, and sometimes her grandparents also give her money, the money is absolutely abundant.

, until the daughter of junior, we all feel that the daughter or the same as before, take the smooth and smooth.

but suddenly one day, my daughter came back to call her to leave school, to participate in the selection of flight attendants.we feel that even if you want to go, but also can wait until the senior looking for work that moment, or now go, do not have to leave school ah?

but she was very firm, and my father was very bad, went to school to find her.but the phone has been unable to get through, people can not find.we can only go to her counselor, who knows the counselor told us that her daughter has left school.

i and her dad are anxious, because she can not find her, and dare not and grandparents say, afraid of gas to them.

about a week later, my daughter called back and said, let us not worry, she has chosen flight attendants.and now it is necessary to start work, and now there is no time to come back, so when the new year to go home.also told us that this is a rare opportunity, they must grasp.

then, the daughter gave us every day to work their own photos, slowly also accepted.the most critical is, after all, is off, after or can go back to class.

the we look at her, and now the dress is completely different and not the same, obviously that he is a young girl, had to make themselves like 30-year-olds the same.with my own intuition, i think my daughter has nothing to hide from me.

at night my daughter gave me a card and said:"mom, this is my half a year to earn money, a total of 300,000, you give me there."

"where are you"do you think your mother is an idiot ah, there are so many wages, not to mention you a new person.this money in the end is where to come?"

"wages ah!"


when you're finished, you'll have to pack up and go out.


"now know that you are my mother, a child have not seen you control me ah, and now come back, late."

i almost fainted, my husband came help me, i let her go to pull her daughter.then hear the horn sound downstairs, the daughter heard after, open her husband, flew away.i and her husband chase out, stopped the car.above a 40-year-old middle-aged man down, i see all understand.

i took my daughter, let her go, but very determined, do not listen to our words,"the man can be when your father."

"i just like such a person, before you regardless of me, now do not control me."

do not listen, i feel the days have collapsed.daughter asked to go, and finally i said:"i do not have your daughter, holding your money, and quickly go, never come back."

originally thought that her daughter heard this sentence, will hesitate , did not think she was still decided to leave.

i and her dad, stay in place, do not know how to do? good good daughter, how suddenly became so?

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