coca-cola's years of inventing a diet of fat diet coke are shaking

coke is each fat paper love, is also the most hated things.

when you gulp down a mouthful,

the stimulus and the strength of the throat,

is like opening the dome of the sistine chapel, which makes the sky straight.

can you wronged is like a poor child,

side dozen satisfied ge,

while watching his stomach waved to you.

bring foreign a man drink ten cans of coke every day, a month later became so

the fat of coke is the root of all evil,

are you don't shut up, not open legs to find an excuse.



their japanese companies sold a

called coca cola coke plus the liposuction.

this cola not only passed the japanese national review,

but also the"specific health food"approved by the consumer office!!

acme jun specially neon the friend sent back a few teams,

a bite into the throat, flavour is calm, before the

half a second after a taste the taste of coca-cola come horse gallop and

after orgasm vanished without a trace.

a word more,

original coca-cola let you always orgasm,

coke zero is to let you have been in foreplay,

so fat reducing coke is foreplay+climax.

taste the same,

how the hell do it lose fat?

this is the more concern of foodies!

a two-step coca-cola,

the first step in learning coke zero,

let calories, sugar, fat, such as the things that make people fat,

all become zero!

is replaced by aspartame, ansaimi and so on

without energy sweeteners.

bring ingredients include:food fiber(difficult to digest the dextrin), carbonate, caramel pigment, sour, sweetener(aspartame, l phenylalanine compounds, acetyl sulfanilic acid potassium, sucralose), spices, caffeine.

nutrition:food fiber 5.2 g, sugar, fat, and calories are 0(japanese food indicates that the baseline is 5kcal per 100ml).

the second step is the most critical,

in addition to coke often the seasoning and caffeine,

it also joined the inside 5 grams of resistance dextrin,

it is the 5 g dextrin is the cola beverages from

into a"health food"...

bring the second step, coca-cola was also walked, but the pace a bit big, tearing eggs, one-time resistance dextrin with 8.5 g...and more...

simple to science once(no interest can be directly drag down a)

------------------------------------i'm science line------------------------------------

resistance dextrin and difficult peptic dextrin,

is a kind of soluble dietary fiber.

(dietary fiber can be divided into soluble dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber)

it can lower the blood glucose response, neutral fat concentration

and improve intestinal health,

is the top star in this kind of dietary fiber,

so all sorts of ingredients are scrambled to add it.

official said resistance dextrin can

after dinner to reduce fat intake,

and inhibition of neutral fat in the blood rise after a meal.


:the inhibition of triglyceride in this cola,


popular point said,

just like a piece of cloth, drank,

can wipe the grease in your gut.


many meat fat paper,

was trembling...

bring heard that this is the only right posture shivering......

but throw cold water on acme gentleman to say a word,

if you just want to reduce weight,

still advise you to go out and turn left,

your legs, run a circle,

eating more fruits and vegetables.

but only

5g resistance dextrin!!!

bring food dietary fiber content in the table, from the united states department of agriculture national nutrition standard reference database

this compared with a lot of green vegetables, legumes,

is negligible.

/p>/p bbb/p bbb/p>


bring a taiwan show also tested three days, but no weight loss success

if you like to drink carbonated drinks at ordinary times,

but don't want to get fat,

so coca cola plus is the best alternative.

if you want to know the original coca-cola

100 ml45 calories,

drink a bottle of is equivalent to eating a meal...

feels like it's been a coke for 20 years!!

coca-cola took six years to research and development"reduced fat"coke.

is also their healthy life yearning,

so just a,

plus is a web celebrity drinks all over the world.

bring about thailand blogger une_varisa also recorded a video to introduce

the coca-cola company in the release of coke"reduced fat"at the same time,

also jointly issued the"reduced fat sprite"sprite extra,

taste and flavor sprite a mao,

add a 5 g of resistance dextrin,

care of greedy and want to keep the shape of children's shoes.

and competition in the one hundred pepsi coca-cola,

is unwilling also after people,

in bali launched a new type of blue sky,

style qingji blue pepsi.

as blue margaret,

in a lazy summer afternoon,

stand duras in his lover,

sipped exotic emotional appeal,

all the troubles behind,

this is probably have a rest, stop.


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