zhou qi has been able to direct the live audience of the scene and the long pass assist has won the trust of harden

yesterday, circle and the lord said the housekeeper blowing according to the basic law

the basic law of the first chapter in the third section clearly written, there are data, have to blow

the houston chronicle of great god fagan, housekeeper after playing the first tweet

"first appeared in the first half of the season, the housekeeper to cap immediately take people!"

fagan the speed can be!zhou qi has been in the half-time rotation in 10 games, so is it far from the first rotation?

is not far away, look at it yourself.

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>666, please!

is so-called"townee see townee, two eyes let yoshimitsu", will play in the first half, housekeeper thought he was in cba between trance?

4 elder brother looked after teasing:looks like houston feed cake team can set up a hot pot, the manager is original the bartender zhou xiao qi.

well, he's right, comrade zhou xiao qi feed cake training courses have graduated, and hand over the full marks answer

housekeeper positive steals, quarterback type long accurately find front harden, send a beautiful pie.

, some people say, zhou qi can't resist, but talent is really visible to the naked eye.well, you're right...

after all, the housekeeper bread to feed harden it, how wear also is one of the big news a

we are looking forward to cover all kinds of gemany, became an attachment, is also a everybody praised wedding

tell, beard's elder brother, joy puts heart into a very satisfied with the housekeeper, and he also have a chest bump passion to celebrate

however, housekeeper indifferent to face all show charisma-a circle of friends

housekeeper why not smile?

he did indeed in the first half, it seems to have fit into the rockets' half-time rotation.

, but i think it's really the normal first half of the game when zhou qi is playing?

:zhou qi made his debut in the first half, with the rockets leading the nuggets 63-31.yes, you read it right, the rocket is ahead of the opponent 32 points

...what's the difference between the last few minutes of the fourth quarter?

this is kota well, housekeeper on early!

week qi seems to be"a thousand miles away from the big cake, the gift is light", it is just a return to the plum.

is a big win for a rocket, but it's not a big win for zhou qi.you look at the rocket terror of positive and negative value--

royal preceptor, mott appalling+57 is record high since the nba has a statistical

paul saw 57, heart remorse about

housekeeper,-14, although the positive and negative value proves nothing, we can say kevin not happened, just in time for the nuggets chase points that a moment, but generally can see players for the team on the pitch.

for zhou qi, we can neither make up nor criticize.as for this, zhou qi did play well, but zhou qi also knew that the revolution had not yet succeeded, and he still needed to work hard, and the occasional high-light performance was not worth having fun.

however, circle the lord also wants to persuade one advised housekeeper, in the nba and is much better than their t, is sweet, also cannot too carry, 6 points and two rebounds in 12 minutes assists 1 steals 1 cap, proud about what's going on?

you see, the three

there are the three points

this, yao is the true genius to the naked eye can see!!!!!!!!!!!

big guys are all happy for you!

in the end, the ring main hope housekeeper in practice more than three points, more practice, more for a change of style!otherwise, the next, the lord should be pulled...draft!

think good housekeeper of little praise bai!


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