don't be fooled by baby's snow boots to wear long legs to short legs prince wen cheng airport disaster

hello everybody~

.fluffy snow boots are very warm, many girls are like to wear in winter, and some design also is very lovely~

recently, angelababy became the ugg boots brand spokesperson, so baby now all sorts of modelling are tie-in ugg boots, white t-shirt with black hole leggings.wear a military green pilot jacket.a pair of boots that match on the feet is a pair of snow boots that have water drill nails!

wear dress to also want to wear ugg boots, brief paragraph plaid dress from dior, pleated skirt is very lovely, condole belt of classic style, design is also dior feet with low cylinder brown ugg boots and dress color is uniform.

there are pink t-shirt match hole bull-puncher knickers, feet also grey pink collocation of ugg boots, with a lovely badminton ball, very young girl, and coat color consistency is very beautiful~ also, do you have found, often very difficult to wear, show short legs show legs coarse why ugg boots angelababy wearing appear so play so long!

, i'll tell you, it's all false! recently, wang ou appeared in the airport, wang ou wear is above baby wear that pink with the bulb, wang ou wore a white dress with white jeans, match again a long pink cardigan, few women feel~

but!why is this leg so short?

and wang ou is famous for his long legs, height 170 official than angelababy 2 cm high, but wearing feeling is completely different, although wang ou is wearing white jeans to show legs thick, but also not gap so big?

and, in fact, in fact, baby wear this pair of boots is also one of the effect, the legs are boots is divided into three sections, appear very short legs, looks like one meter five of the dwarves...

compare~ feel it is better to wear white pants wang ou hbaby leg long legs...

, in fact, although the snow boots are warm, they are not accepted by the fashion circle because it has no line sense and can easily make legs look short and thick...

hold not to live long legs like yang mi beans, yang mi never wear ugg boots on official occasions, in order to keep warm on the set of wear, occasionally popped modelling is not pretty, white skirt collocation gray coat, combined a red down jacket, feet wearing black ugg boots, appear special short legs...

black long down jacket black tassel ugg boots collocation, yang mi or legs to wear light, show legs are very short...

big long legs d secret supermodel ming xi in ugg boots can only yield, while the coat the tooling coat collocation handsome black leggings, but the collocation on foot like bear hoof wool cloth with soft nap of ugg boots, it is really appreciate don't come...

there are little world no.1 ziwen wang, ziwen wang recently appeared in the airport will always super wear sportswear, she wore a green color is very bright, and the uniform sportswear is very popular this year, the feeling of cool~

but a good modelling is the most terrible ziwen wang ugg boots on foot, is really big, bloated, above and grandiose pink laces, and the tall canister boots her leg seems to be very short!

this is really a one meter five dwarfs feeling leg not much longer than their boots, it's really, this snowshoe is a fashion disaster!

now look at the ugg boots modelling of baby, you have the right in the heart, don't be deceived by increased and p figure, ugg boots are warm, but this need to be careful!