gut-wrenching, careless mother-in-law to feed a mouthful of food let a month daughter lose her life!the frantic mother wailed

gut-wrenching, li jiayi's granddaughter has lost her life because of a mouthful!but the grandmother who looks after the baby is sad and sad, saying, two children can't bring it, and the grandchild is still crying on the side, so i can't blame me for ignoring her.

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two li guyou brother, eldest brother out to work, it's difficult to children, do have a daughter, only after the tube and the second home the first three years gave birth to a son, now 3 years old.grandma li saw that the village people always say big sun good, old people's infighting, when to want a second child, fortunately the old two have a grandson...

because have been mad at the mother-in-law, mother-in-law to second home, the boy also because to really don't take the children to work, the boss wife when his daughter had just six months will give back to the village, let her mother-in-law with...

at that time, the mother-in-law was also very reluctant to say that the grandchild was 3 years old, one was not good at it, the other two were worse.

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probably more than a month, the old people home see daughter was lost 1 kg weight, brother-in-law home daughter 3 years old children also steal to drink the milk powder, and the mother-in-law on one side is laughing, said, or little boy clever thief ah, more grown up have ambition...the eldest daughter-in-law can't help but have a few words with her mother-in-law, then bought two more boxes of milk powder to drop some money, let her mother-in-law look at her daughter well, and her mother-in-law said yes, who knows what else happened.

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lee mother-in-law had chicken custard that day, thinking of feed first granddaughter a bite, because at ordinary times is a grandson first to eat, this time the child see didn't give him to eat blubber, say what also not line!however, li was afraid that her grandson would eat the chicken and egg soup as before, so she was anxious to feed her granddaughter.when he was feeding his granddaughter, he got angry and hit his little sister.he ran away crying and his granddaughter crying...

> the mother-in-law is worried about chasing her grandchild, just as the granddaughter opens her mouth and takes a mouthful of chicken and eggs, she runs out...unexpectedly after a short time come back, the granddaughter unexpectedly of 8 months unexpectedly is flushed, lie motionless in the bed!this can frighten li's mother-in-law to frighten, send a hospital quickly.

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but never saved to the hospital, it's too late.the eldest daughter, who was driven over, wailed her dead daughter, and regretted that she had to send her children to her's only eight months old, so cute and cute...

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as"sad"and li mother-in-law, she said she small people, so big age still kansi a kid, too not careful...but the two children are so bad, they always want to let the big daughter-in-law forgive her.

gut-wrenching!it's been eight months since the boys and girls are's too bad.

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