what a male doctor wants you to know

:as a number of male doctors, what do you want to know about the male subject?

1, no morning=impotence?

is a waste of time to see your girlfriend just open your eyes every morning.but don't forget, maybe chen bo(chen bo) has already looked at your girlfriend one step at a time.

, but"early chen bo"doesn't mean that your girlfriend is tempting you(if you have one).

is part of a nighttime erection.during the night, the penis can be injected with high blood volume to ensure the supplementation of yang qi and nutrients.it is self-maintenance of erectile function.generally speaking,"chen bo"appears in the unconscious state, the time is almost 4~ 7, 3~5 times in the evening.

morning bob will receive a number of factors, such as age, mood, sleep quality, mental state, etc.if a person has poor quality of sleep, emotional anxiety, and mental stress, it's likely that they won't have morning light.

so it's not as if there's no morning light.

2, why is the skin of the egg cold?

/p> hard heart also has soft time, just like the man with hot blood also has a"cool"part-scrotum.

egg is the stable output of man's"masculinity", not only secreting estrogen but also producing sperm.

, however, the more important parts are more vulnerable.

eggs are very sensitive to temperature and must be in an environment of 34~35 degrees to maintain their normal function.as a result, the skin of the"eggshell"is responsible for regulating the temperature of the testicles.

    <p>when cold, scrotal skin shrinks to reduce heat dissipation;</p><p>in the heat, the scrotal skin relaxes to increase heat dissipation.</p>

, therefore, in order to protect the"soft core", it should be appropriate to wear tight underwear and jeans, not too long in the hot spring, not too often in the sauna.

3, if you're not careful with tintin?

:when you and your girlfriend are exercising violently and inappropriately, you suddenly hear the sound of"pa"...

, then, found that tintin was fast and soft, swollen and black, and then tilted to one side, similar to an eggplant, accompanied by severe pain, which was probably the"tintin snap".

yes, penile fracture is still present, mostly because of external violence caused by erections.although this phenomenon is rare, the scene is very gut-wrenching when it happens.

, therefore, you and your girlfriend should be gentle with your brothers in the actual"operation".don't be too violent and don't distort your posture too much.don't break your life to learn about locking new positions.

4, why sometimes the peeing is split?

urine flow through the urethra, and the water flow through the pipe is the same principle:as long as the water pipe is free, the water will flow out in a straight line.

, but if the direction of the running water, there are some narrow areas in the middle of the tube, and the water flow rate is not very fast, the person who comes out will be divided into two forks.

is the same thing, but only then is the urethra.the most common condition of the urethral narrowing is due to the erection of the penis, which causes the urethra to be relatively narrow, resulting in the bifurcation of the urine.

, so if you are a normal young person, occasionally you have a bifurcation.it may just be that you've just done something you can't describe, and after experiencing the great harmony of your life, turn on the tap.then the flow of water flowed and the road went up and down.

prostatic hyperplasia can indeed cause uric bifurcate, but this situation is found in men over the age of 50, and is accompanied by a variety of other symptoms, if really doubt please must go to normal hospital.

, therefore, the young people have occasionally encountered urinal bifurcation, rather than worry about the prostate disease, better prepare the toilet articles, and deal with it because of the bifurcation of the urine.

5, why is it important to"live well"?

"it's a good thing to get out of the box", but who can guarantee that"big"is"alive"?

:the average length of male tintin in our country is about 10~12cm(please note that it is the average length), as long as the range is"good boy".

is more closely related to the quality of sex than length.the size is good enough, but the skill can be improved through practice.

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