it's not the lack of vitamins


2, merchants to induce customers to buy vitamin products.

because there is no vitamin in traditional chinese medicine.

"hangnails, accurately saying is"a week agnail, medical name"agnail,"refers to the fingernail surrounding skin to roll back, tearing, cocking a skin lesion, characterized in longitudinal tear triangle, become warped on the small triangle tip stripping or roll back, to touch the pain.

once finger agnail, is not only a problem of local pain, if will not have half a tool, will be like claws scratched the heart, heart to bear 1000 continuous bleeding damage per second.

forward to tear?back to tear?

is not easy to tear the long point can be bitten by the teeth, the result is broken, and then there is a smaller barb...with all sorts of methods, he showed his teeth with blood and finally found a nail clipper.

finally, the world is quiet...

:what's the cause of this abominable barb?how can we prevent that?one of the most popular versions of the story is that the barbs are deficient in vitamins.some people who say they need vitamin c are deficient in vitamin b, and those who say there is a lack of micronutrients are missing.

what is the truth?

today's commander:

hangnails, not because of the lack of vitamins and trace elements, or a lack of grease.

don't know if you have noticed a phenomenon:

thighs, belly and toes never long, even other parts of the hand is not long, but just a small area around the finger nails so long agnail.

is very strange, isn't it?

, in fact, the reason is very simple:



is weak and easy to be induced by some unremarkable stimulation, stripping, injury, allergies, inflammation and even festering, which is one of the common causes of the disease.

, what does it do without hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands?

we have to start talking about biology.

our whole body skin outermost layer protective barrier is no living cells"horny layer", which is usually say"dead skin".

> these"dead skin cells"and"dead skin cells"are linked together by water"co-op"between the"dead skin cells"and the"living skin cells"below.

this is the reason why tv total female skin care advertisements should emphasize"lock water"and"moisturize".

and evaporate the water branch continues to be in nature, so in order to protect the water in the stratum corneum, the skin secretion of oils and fats tile outside the skin cutin layer, in order to achieve the"water lock""moisturizing"effect, because such corneous layer won't evaporation is excessive cracking dry peeling.

a week skin, as a kind of innate, there is no hair follicle sebaceous glands, tragic existence, its cuticle generally can only rely on"ceng"next to the sebaceous glands of the skin secretion of a small amount of grease to the"wet".

under such a major premise, if repeated contact soap, detergent or physical friction, will destroy a week had very poor oil layer on the skin surface, make corneous layer by moisture evaporation drying and addition, we previously said that the skin of a week was already weak and vulnerable, so there was a"barbed".

this is easy to understand:why has the washing cleanliness kept people to eat more fruit vitamin will repeatedly hangnails, why do doctors and nurses work clothes in regular hand cream, why don't you head agnail market sell meat.

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to"barbs"in the world, a lot of"vitamin abuse".

is a modern society in which the food and catering industry is highly general, it is difficult for one person to achieve the severity of the symptoms of pathological symptoms caused by deficiency of vitamins.

:all kinds of foods that we eat daily are rich in vitamins and trace's really hard to be short of something.

actually oral ulcer also have nothing to do with vitamin deficiencies.

real vitamin deficiency, there will be a series of symptoms, not only a symptom of so-called barbs or canker sores.

> as for the symptoms of the lack of a certain vitamin, if the length is limited, the students who are interested can retrieve it on their's a look at the consequences of vitamin poisoning."/p>

yes, you're right.vitamins are toxic if you eat too much.

for example:

vitamin d can prevent rickets and assist in the absorption of calcium.but overtaking vitamin d is more dangerous than calcium deficiency and rickets.vitamin d poisoning can cause irritation, weight loss, liver and spleen enlargement and kidney damage.

may induce gastric ulcer, diarrhea, diabetes and kidney stones after excessive use of vitamin c, and may reduce the reproductive function of women;

, the vitamin e that can be soft and tender in skin, excessive taking is more likely to induce nausea and vomiting, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, loss of sexual function, excessive menstruation of women and increase of male breast enlargement.

vitamin overdose can be toxic, and the consequences may be worse than the lack thereof.

, but the merchant must not tell you this, otherwise, who should sell the expensive and expensive vitamins?

columbia university professor tim wu describes this phenomenon in a new book, attention merchants:the epic scramble to get into our minds.

the merchants had not long ago just using the product to meet the requirements of customers, but in the case of originally did not invent a demand, and then sell products to meet the requirements of the new create:

we now have orange juice, and use the toothpaste, mouthwash before the 20th century is not exist, in the 1920 s, orange juice, and toothpaste, mouthwash after produced, so it can't sell because people have no demand.

as a result, businesses through various publicity channels and means constantly advocating the concept of"vitamin c"and the concept of"breath", even in the premise of baby don't drink orange juice should endeavoring to preach in to feed the baby while breastfeeding orange juice...

finally, orange juice, toothpaste and mouthwash became a must for the family.

is known to be an abuse of antibiotics, with the development of advertisers and the increase of channels of publicity, we hope that we and our families will not be victims of"vitamin abuse".