sea shepherd: the year guided millions of sailors to reject the dollar

many inland friends do not know the importance of the lighthouse, the gps and other kinds of maritime satellite navigation is not universal s, lighthouse is almost crew sailors"lifeline", when bad weather arrives, the crew most looking forward to see, is the one that beacon light!

brittany coast, is located in the english channel and the bay of biscay peninsula named"rose coast".the red spot on the map is called the island of ashant, and the four lighthouses on the island have led countless ships in and out of the english channel in the past hundreds of years.there were no automatic lighthouse equipment, only artificial lighting and lens irradiation.

according to wikipedia:only 1888-1904, there are 31 ships sank around, one of the most serious is packed with 270 people drummond, sinking cruise by storms, kill 250 people!

la jument lighthouse was built in 1911, shen island land due to the distance is about 350 metres, also known as france's northwest land.since the lighthouse was built on a separate sea reef and reached a height of 271 feet, it was only possible to ferry the island staff through pre-arranged is also common for lighthouse workers to starve to death for days of extreme weather, thus being called"sea shepherd"by the crew and sailors.

this photo believe that a lot of people have seen, a french photographer jay content with 1989 helicopter captured during the filming of a storm at sea.this photo in the 1991 world photography contest won the second place, be countless times to printed millions of late, only authorized magazines and posters, published royalties collected more than$two thousand.many looked at the picture's first response:"is he still alive?"

jiean in subsequent book wrote:"i thought he was god also picked up, because i see the water of the sea through the wooden door, into the lighthouse, will roll out some furniture again...however, the guardian was still alive, clutching his quilts to the top of the world's tallest lighthouse and then wrapped himself in a quilt to wait for help.

guardian malgorne has been working in the french lighthouse system for 40 years and has experienced numerous ocean"ravages"and has guided hundreds of thousands of ships and millions of crew members to safety.but the storm still left him scarred:if i were a little further away from the door, i wouldn't be able to get back to the tower...

1991 years later, the french government decided to change the new automation lighthouse, margaux, also from the defenders of the guardian to the lighthouse, although he just climb tower check once a week, but the crew and sailors still respected call his guardians.time permitting, they would pass by a net in the water at the lighthouse, thanks to the fresh seafood.

] marge started to travel the world when he retired in 1997, but he didn't know he was already overseas...through this photo, jahn quickly became a first-class photographer and gained a lot of be grateful, he looked around for margner in the world tour.

even on la jument beacon for many times, and together the photos in the memoirs of the lighthouse internal publication, popular in europe and the united states again.even his home in maine was crowded with tourists and readers, and thousands of people lined up for the first time in 2001.interestingly, the la jument lighthouse has also become a coveted spot for tourists, and even many americans have traveled thousands of miles away from france just to catch a glimpse of la jument lighthouse...

the commitment of the book, in accordance with the jiean margaux, their property will be 30% and 50% of subsequent royalties, a rough estimate about at around$20 million after tax.but mr.margoer, who refused outright, wrote in a 2005 letter to jayne that i had a good life and no shortage of money.if you wish to express your thanks, donate the money to a charity for children.if you don't want to, then don't publish this letter...

what is the meaning of a person?there may be thousands of expressions, but mr malgner and mr jahn have both shown the most glaring of them:guard!

(image source jahn's personal website, which has been authorized, declined to be reproduced)


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