there is no age of beauty in the age of plastic surgery

star is an amazing species in the eyes of the public!

, but in fact, you only see them in front of the people, but don't see behind, how much the stars pay to maintain their appearance...

:in a time when there was no medical beauty, even cosmetics, how did the elegant and charming hollywood stars fix the fairy?today, to reveal the secrets of the men and women who have been in the works, there has been some strange(dead) behavior...

beauty makeup article

can you imagine?!audrey hepburn's signature long eyelash eyelash is actually a root of a single point separated from the tip of the needle!legend of the hand makeup artist alberto de rossi will first apply mascara to hepburn, then carefully use a pin to create such a charming but natural eyelash.

-this is audrey was clear that the root-rooted lashes were a great addition to the beauty of the goddess.

marilyn monroe will use five different lipstick and lip honey make full sexy lips.apply deep red to the lip extension, slightly lighter color to the center of the color to paint a layer of feeling, and finally to the lips bow and lip.

:if these two are just a little more careful, the next one is a little unreasonable...

figure management

vivien leigh(vivien leigh) in the process of filming"gone with the wind", has been the director victor fleming(victor fleming) requirements with duct tape corset, le an outline of the chest tightly.although vivien was very angry about this, she could not help it.

judy garland(1922-1969) was a famous american actress, singer, including the wizard of oz"the birth of a star,""easter parade".

:to get judy garland to limit caloric intake, she can only live on chicken soup, black coffee and 80 cigarettes.they even allowed her to take diet pills(and sleeping pills and stimulants), leading to her lifelong addiction to drugs.

skin care

fanny ward(1872-1953) is an american actress(far right), starring too much drama and silent, but really let her fame is she not old appearance.picture taken in 1915, the secret of the myth of the age of 43, when ward was 43 years old, was to hang around for an hour and a half every day.she told reporters in an interview that the body of the facial aging tissue can be rejuvenated by pouring blood evenly into each skin.

ada lu pinault his career as an actor, and successful transition to the director and producer, in the '50 s hollywood, also do not have any women do.

ida lupino suggests that you mix salt into cleanser, and use it daily to remove the exfoliating and make your skin smooth and fact, there is a folk prescription on the internet right now, but the salt grains are rough, which can easily cause small cuts and suggest buying ready-made exfoliating products.

luppino's other beauty tip is to slap your face on the back of your hand every night and think it will tighten the jaw line and bring young skin.

joan crawford(1906-1977) is a famous actress in hollywood's golden age, which was awarded the 18th the best actress oscar

joan crawford(joan crawford) in order to let eye week skin looks more clean and bright, stick with boric acid and cold water to wash twice a day.she also recommends that you make your own eyes, soak the cotton pad in the water or boric acid in north america, wet on your eyelids, and listen to music.qian!wan!don't imitate!

hair article

marlene dietrich was born in germany, in the 30 s hollywood, and become one of the highest paid actress at that time.

marlene dietrich has to sprinkle gold powder on her wig before taking a photo, with the intention of creating blonde hair that shines in the camera.the real gold costs$60 per ounce(an ounce is about 28g).the stylist of a max buddha revealed that he used to comb his wig for$24.32.

how to do hair bald, quick to wayne to see see!famous movie star john wayne will wear three different lengths of wigs to create the illusion of natural hair growth.he would wear the shortest wig for a few days, then a longer one and the longest one.then, when he changed back to the short wig, people thought he had just had his hair cut.

in order to more in line with the hollywood stereotype of aesthetic demand, hispanic actress rita haihua silk perennial hair dye, and cupping hair removal, to raise his hairline.

in addition, haihua silk will name his name from the spanish margarita carmen cansino changed to rita haihua silk.

rita haihua silk hairlines off before the

tight hair lift surgery

in order to beautiful, star of the infinite high pain threshold.marlene dietrich is a"fan"of tight hair pulling, using surgical tape and deliberately twisting her hair into a strand to tighten her, there are still a lot of beauty people who have done the same thing with the zahmaura.

however, this method is not affected by professionals, in addition to will lose the original elasticity, make the skin may also lead to permanent loss of hair by hair follicles damage too much.


is not uncommon in the current stars, but in the past due to the lack of technology, hollywood's golden age stars rarely have a nose, but there are still some people who really have a nose.although it is not clear which star did the rhinoplasty, from marilyn monroe's skull x-ray, she did have some surgical changes to the tip of the nasal tip.

to keep the appearance, living in the modern is really a very happy thing, the essence of all kinds of cosmetic streets,

however, through a relatively scientific method, select normal and suitable for their own products, appreciate their beauty, is the really important things!after all, it's not metaphysical...

--the end--


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