the probability that the legendary noodle shop in sichuan province can eat is only %!

the legendary noodle boss doesn't like to call names, he stick to say is on the wall!

this one only in the morning and afternoon, also only on the surface of the mixed sauce noodle,

there are so many red banners,


is very good, you caught my attention successfully!

checked the route on a cell phone, boy more than 40 minutes by car, well go go, who let you is a web celebrity.

the evaluation said is a balcony can wear open a noodle shop, with a red sign.'s really old to see this red bright red sign, white bold font red background.

a picture tell you they don't sign more low-key!there are a lot of plants around, red and green, really nice and not enchanting.

:11:30 to the place, two tables have been eaten, and a table is at the inside of the table.

two boss ask how do you want that take the door, i want to see the ha said his weight is large, soft girl girl points in one or two is enough, then i put on my heels 170+want to also don't want to say one or two!

in the time i looked at my environment, such as short hair big sister?bring me a bowl of noodle soup and i'll get it for myself.

there are 4 tables, and not very crowded, two big fan blowing, very not proud indulgence.

floor is clean, the table is clean, the plants are many, and the big fan is cool.

so who exactly is talking to me about this is a fly restaurant???????have you ever seen a fly restaurant that is hot and clean!!!????

at least fly out in a restaurant in my impression is like father and son dumplings.

exm?????how do you know i'm going to have a noodle soup.

there is this, i won't tell you i can record the small video while pasta!!!!!!!!!!!

this record!still can fly a soaring record!

can i see that it's still a lot like 1.5?

just end up the interview, such feeling is just so so or fresh cowpea, i always thought that the evaluation is bubble cowpea, and feel the meat saozi is soso...

stir quickly found the, hidden mystery!then use my line to buy a bit of strength to stir vigorously!

to record a small video, not only fully meet the still let sauce mix as much as possible in every face this, i am that would mix below 50%, anyhow is very perfect!i don't have to add noodle soup~

my boss himself do eat ice cold, sweet spicy sweet spicy kimchi to a few big pants.

i'm a little party at this time, even a little sad, who ate my face!!!!!!!!!!!i ate a few mouthfuls!!!who made you a soft girl!

behind drank noodle soup, eat pickles, two-thirds full, i eat two two later still brave to face the music.

meat measurement results

attitude:normal, the boss doesn't and you chat, have been and they said among children.just as you go, remind me to take it.

environment:the environment is better than the outside, the red card is full of hot eyes.

taste:the noodles are very strong and the taste is very good.some people think it's too rough and hard, but it's completely in my taste, and it's not in the was a bit difficult to mix, and the taste of the sauce didn't taste, and the more it stirred, the more viscous it was.

kimchi is cool, sweet and spicy, not sour.

fresh cowpea can be greasy, it's not vegetables when you go, or you can have a vegetable.

:the meat is not fragrant and can't eat lean's too small for four tables, if it's not's better if it's spicy.

(i guess it's a different flavor, but when you eat it, one girl says that the boss puts a little pepper on it??)

address:lotus across the east sichuan normal university affiliated high school of guangxi

name:left-handed private plane(busy eating noodles, forgot to see if the boss left-handed)

business hours:7:30-then

last wish everyone

good luck!

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