china will develop a ban on fuel truck schedule dare to ask where the gas station road?

september 9, vice minister of industry xin guobin in the"2017 china automotive industry development(teda) international forum,"the speech revealed that china has begun to study the development of a ban on traditional fuel vehicles timetable.

september 8-10, 2017 china international automotive industry development(teda) international forum is held in tianjin binhai new area.

deputy minister of the ministry of industry

xin guobin said at the meeting, by the end of 2016, china automotive holding close to 200 million, bringing severe resources and energy and environmental pressures.the chinese government is committed to 2030 carbon emissions peak, the proportion of primary energy to 20%, according to the current situation of the standard is still very difficult.

at present, many countries have to adjust the development strategy, in the new energy, intelligent network industry to speed up the industrial layout, to seize the new round of the commanding heights, some countries have developed a stop production and sales of traditional energy vehicles timetable.

"at present, the ministry of industry has also initiated the relevant research, will also be with the relevant departments to develop china's timetable, these initiatives will promote the development of china's auto industry environment and dynamic changes."he said.

at the end of july 2017, the british government announced that it would fully ban gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040, when the market allowed only electric vehicles and other new energy and environmental protection vehicle sales.

in early july 2017, french energy minister nicolas hulot said that in order to achieve the objectives of the paris agreement, france plans to stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2040.

in june 2017, the indian energy sector said in a blog post that it plans to ban fuel vehicles in 2030 and india's annual sales of 600 to 7 million electric vehicles by 2020.

in october 2016, according to the german"der spiegel"reported that the german federal senate to vote by 2030 after the ban on the traditional internal combustion engine car proposal.

in addition, the netherlands and norway in 2016 has proposed, will be banned in 2025 fuel vehicles.

correspondingly, toyota, volvo and other car prices have gradually put forward the sale of traditional fuel vehicles, the program schedule, as well as their new energy vehicle strategy.

what should we do?

for the oil and petrochemical industry, this is undoubtedly a hit this regard, sinopec sales plate to further emancipate the mind, on the basis of preliminary work, and actively introduce the internet, cross-border operations, platform strategy and other new ideas,"to promote the rapid development of non-oil business, to create efficient and sustainable development of the new engine , boost sales enterprises to integrated service provider strategic transformation and upgrading"as the goal, make new deployment, take a new step.china petrochemical actively explore the charge(for) power plants and power batteries and other new energy business, has been in beijing, shanghai, guangdong, anhui and other four(4) provinces and cities to implement the pilot station to increase the charging facilities.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 10 business since the day can also meet the 30 electric car charging, the average daily turnover from the initial 3000 yuan rose to nearly ten thousand yuan.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> set the electric car charging station

key words 2:non-oil business

in the traditional business, the gas station is only the carrier of oil business, a lot of money, assets, personnel, equipment precipitation here, oil alone retail itself to tap the potential value of sunken capital, space is more limited.coupled with serious market competition, oil prices, self-service and other traditional competitive way is no longer energy to achieve a revolutionary breakthrough, the situation is more severe.

in this context, the development of multiple non-oil business, to achieve the station site, station, advertising, human resources and other resources to make full use of mining enterprises to tap the potential value of stock assets is the core, product suppliers to the modernization of integrated service providers to upgrade the key to the transformation.

in the face of diesel fuel trucks"drifting away"may even fade into the future of the stage of history, non-oil business or traditional oil sales enterprises will be one of the most important way out.

sinopec's mission is to build a people's satisfaction, a world-class energy and chemical companies.people satisfaction, one of the points is to let customers in our gas station not only to meet the oil needs of the service, but also more to meet the consumer in addition to oil outside the life of all aspects.the ecosystem system, which consists of people, cars, net and life, is one of the key to build the platform.

↑ ↑ guangzhou oil will be the largest frame of the gas station to build the first intelligent gas station , set beehives, automatic walks, atm, la kara, advertising business in one, from the oil sales to the"people car life"cycle of service changes, from physical marketing to large data marketing changes.

the gas station"ecosystem"aims to rely on the gas station as a solid, adhere to the"car"as the core, with a high degree of business as the"first island chain"to speed up the cultivation and development , the formation of the core competitiveness; the use of venues and location advantages, driven by advertising, fast food, business agents, tourism and other multi-format services, rich recharge, payment, etc, online and other value-added services, carefully build shop integrated services body, to provide one-stop service to meet the diverse needs of customers, and continuously enhance the gas station"eco-circle"of the commercial value.china and other well-known brands such as mcdonald's cooperation, has 30(1) more than a gas station to open a car shuttle restaurant.

key words 4:cross-border integration

cross-border is a different professional, between different areas of cooperation, business should cross-border.

may 23, 2014, sinopec sales company and china taiping insurance group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, a number of easy to shop insurance; the same year on august 12, and shun feng signed a business cooperation framework the two sides will be in the o2o(online and offline linkage) business, oil sales, logistics and other areas of cooperation; two weeks later, sinopec has announced a business agreement with tencent signed a business agreement in the business development and promotion, mobile payment, media promotion, o2o business, map navigation, user loyalty management, large data applications and cross-marketing and other fields to cooperate.runtai group, no.1 shop, baolide, etc., are also signed cooperative enterprises.

↑ ↑ january 18, 2017, zhejiang's first car service center in hangzhou agricultural and sideline logistics stations officially open to business.the center was established by sinopec's easy and medium-sized rubber.customers only need to order tires at the gas station, you can enjoy free home testing and replacement of tire services.the picture shows the station staff placed chaoyang tires.

↑ ↑ china petrochemical actively explore its own brand building, enhance the core competitiveness of non-oil business, tibet zhuo maquan, changbai mountain tianquan is one of the typical representative.the picture shows the sales company to linhai snow raw water plant to guide the production work.

it is foreseeable that in the future development of the road, cross-border cooperation in the petrol station will be more and more open, more and more rich content of cooperation.


the internet age, the biggest challenge that traditional businesses face is based on the internet's disruptive order to meet this challenge, the traditional business first to do is to change the ideas and business ideas.specifically, it turns to the internet.

as of early august, sinopec sales enterprises wechat fans of the scale of more than 5000 million.through wechat, app and other information channels, pilot micro-mall business, and with banks, insurance and other enterprises to carry out cross-border cooperation and cross-marketing, online and offline benign interaction, to enhance customer stickiness, enhance the value of enterprises laid a solid foundation.

the next step, we will continue to expand the size of online users, strengthen the"traffic decided to all"ideas, focusing on three aspects:

implementation of precision marketing.relying on crm system and large data technology, strengthen customer behavior analysis, in-depth insight into customer needs, planning to carry out precision marketing, customized products and services, online and offline interaction, to create a differentiated competitive advantage.

breakthrough o2o business dilemma.integration of micro-mall, app and electricity business portal entrance, rich online payment, open up o2o business links, the establishment of stores and third-party logistics and other means of combining the combination of electricity sales model.

actively engage in the platform to maximize the value,"i mainly"with online marketing, through the app, wechat and other online channels will be the service and oil business and non-oil business organic interaction.

the development of non-oil business, the main direction is closely around the integrated service provider to the strategic positioning of the transition, the store business and improve the service as the"two main industry"in parallel to promote the construction of"three platforms"to create"six industries."

the three platforms are integrated services platform for gas stations, convenience stores, garments, advertising, tourism and so on.with crm as the support, wechat, app, website for the entrance, set brand promotion marketing, refueling recharge, micro-mall is one of the online marketing platform; insurance, petrochemical sales card system, third-party payment and other financial business platform.

convenient maintenance, maintenance, beauty and other functions in one, unified image, unified service, unified management of the uniform industry;

auto insurance business-based, other property insurance business supplemented by the product plus channel innovative insurance industry;

oil cleaners, diesel exhaust gas, brand oil additives from research and development, production and sales of the whole industry chain of automotive environmental products industry;

tibet zhuo maquan and changbai mountain tianquan from the resources, production and sales of the whole industry chain of drinking water industry.

"four in one"development of non-oil business

in the new era background, stronger and non-oil business, to achieve oil suppliers to comprehensive service providers change, the transformation of sinopec sales plate development of great significance.

at the same time, as a large state-owned enterprises, we have unparalleled advantages in brand value, petrol station network, customer resources, and capital strength.based on this, in the face of severe energy situation and multiple challenges at home and abroad, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, we can still through the oil non-mutual promotion, online and offline interaction, cross-border integration and cross-marketing, capital entry and other measures, in accordance with the"brand+capital+goods+service""four in one"development, and actively build"", vigorously develop the"six industries"to speed up the realization of the modernization of integrated service providers to upgrade, in the history of the rolling flow in the blaze of a world.