question came: millet mixiphone you choose who?

again to the beginning of the school season, it is time to buy a new digital products.this time, but also the major manufacturers competing to attract everyone's attention(and wallet), millet released its second full range of screen products-millet mix 2.and tomorrow, apple will be in their own headquarters of the jobs theater released a new iphone series.

according to the latest broke the news, the new series of iphone will contain three phones, namely the iphone 8,8 plus and has a full screen iphone x, which will also have the highest price ever iphone, up to 1,000 us dollars(converted into the domestic price is expected to be 8000-9000 yuan), and rumors iphone x in the early listing will also encounter capacity problems, the price is expected to be fried cattle to million.

millet and apple, although it has been considered no competition for the same user base, after all, the product price difference is too big.but with the millet continue to explore the new pricing space, this gap becomes smaller and smaller, especially taking into account the millet phone is usually listed at the beginning are difficult to buy, the basic increase in the, the problem is produced, millet mix 2 and iphone 8 election which is good?

:18:9 ratio, 5.99 inch, 2160x1080lcd, 401ppi

size:151.8mmx75.5mmx7.7mm, 185g

processor:qualcomm xiao long 835

memory:6gb(unibody edition 8gb)

storage:64/128/256gb(unibody version only 128gb)

battery:3400mah(less than 1000mah generation)> interface:usb-c

3.5mm audio interface:no

connect:43 band global roaming, bluetooth 5.0

system:miui9, based on android7.0

price:64/128/256gb ordinary price of 3299 yuan, respectively, 3599 yuan and 3999 yuan, enjoy the version of 4699 yuan.

for the release of millet mix 2, lei feng net interviewed a few players, digital enthusiasts and the views of the industry.

question 1:how to evaluate millet mix 2? what's the point?

kang guoping(it commentator, consultant, from the media"old kang said"):millet this phone is my favorite now, see the best phone.of course, tomorrow released iphone 8, have not seen, so bad evaluation.this is a design point of view from the perspective of performance than the masters are characterized by less that is more.a full-screen phone, itself is the best interpretation of his design concept.mix 2, on the basis of the previous generation has done a lot of further"less is more."coupled with a new all-ceramic one body, the craft on the culmination.

there is no bright spot, that is, to make a new improvement.for example, the size of the narrow, so it is more suitable for hand grasp.millet mix first generation.slightly larger size, weight is also slightly heavier, the camera is a very poor camera.this generation of improvements is my first generation mentioned in the first few improvements, very good.self-timer camera software also has great progress.i have been criticizing their first generation of the camera, almost let me lose the interest in taking pictures with the phone.even so, i still think mix generation is also very good.

kobayashi(letter en technology):concept of products have the courage to promote android ecological development, looking forward to similar to googlenexus or googlepixel by millet oem design; in addition to experience, not really used, so in addition to various configuration and indicators can not give a fair evaluation.

jie tert(non-famous digital people):too good, size feel good.3299 ceramic body is very good; compared to the previous generation, the screen accounted for more.

question 2:what do you think milestones mix 2 will encounter the biggest problem? mass production?

kang guoping:millet this brand is concerned, more than 3000 pricing of mobile phone sales have been not high, mix the same way.for the new version, its utility is greatly improved.may be able to have more sales.its biggest problem is capacity.many people would have wanted to buy, but can not buy, a drag, the next version again.

kobayashi:mass production may be the problem, the greater the high with the low price is unrealistic, and in the past will continue to no goods no one wants to.

there is no one to have the goods, and no time to find someone f code.not as good as high-priced pre-sale, even if it is waiting for a month, like the iphone up to 2 months waiting, pay the money, people slowly wait, yield climbing solution, but also ahead of schedule to get better than expected.

jie shu:yield you see millet 6 to know.

millet today 8 pm in the official website to open the mix 2 purchase qualification appointment, pay attention to the purchase of qualified reservations, not pre-sale.about an hour after the appointment of nearly 15 million, we can see the purchase of enthusiasm is still very high, but can buy the hand do not know how much.

question 3:millet and huawei, the same phone sold to the price of 4000+, which is more optimistic about you, why?

kang guoping:i personally have a preference for millet, so this problem is certainly optimistic about millet.but huawei itself better than millet high pricing, huawei is certainly an advantage.huawei's mobile phone is more modest, it is more suitable for some of the aesthetic and design and so no people to pursue and use.moreover, mate series has become a domestic high-end pronoun.

kobayashi:millet brand has been linked with the low price, commission price is difficult, but if the high price of the spot(official website), it is possible to solve the problem.

uncle:if there is a choice, i will choose millet.miui experience is better than huawei.

question 4:millet mix 2 and iphone 8 you want to buy which, why?

kang guoping:at present, these two phones i want to buy.but because of their own hands already have two phones, are still very good with.and my cell phone has used more than 100 g, so can only buy 256g stored phone.the price is also a factor affecting my immediate purchase, not a year for 2 flagship mobile phone.

if you can only buy one, i still continue to buy mix 2,256g version.because so i can seamlessly continue the past data, application and use experience.for the iphone, i have spent eight years, lost freshness.of course the iphone 8 is clearly still the best mobile phone for 2017 and 18 years.

kobayashi:i personally, or will buy iphone 8 plus, because it is apple loyal fans, will buy mix 2 experience or recommend to friends.

jie shu:i will pick iphone x.

can be seen, for millet mix 2, several players engage in evaluation are good, the biggest concern is the production capacity.some people think that millet and its low price no capacity, it is better to learn apple will be high prices, as soon as possible to put up the production the competition with the iphone, although most people have not seen apple's new machine, but still support the iphone more.

on the production capacity of millet mix, there is another questioning voice:

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