iphone chain on the chinese: the company worked for apple to assemble a only earn yuan

recently, the korean association issued a document specifically, said"samsung as the representative of the korean manufacturers hold the iphone 8,"the united states and the united states, the price of the decision,"self-confidence and pride.and even some korean users began to cheer, said iphone should be written"made in korea".

almost at the same time, zhengzhou foxconn employees looked at the upcoming iphone 8, and lamented:or will come back.because these phones in the united states after the oem, a large part of the sale of chinese fruit powder.

strange.as the world's attention to the mobile phone brand, iphone most of the components in foreign production.an iphone is designed by apple to complete the product design, but it will outsource all manufacturing parts.and even a lot of key components, but also by apple's own design, by the external production.for example, apple's computer brain-cpu, apple on their own design, and then to samsung or tsmc chip factory to oem manufacturing.again, apple also independently develop key screen technologies such as incell, 3d touch, retina.these display technologies have repeatedly appeared in apple's mobile phone, tablet and computer marketing promotion, but by the display business to complete the manufacturing.

apple's suppliers from the united states, europe, japan, south korea and china's major components factory and manufacturing plant.while china and south korea's enterprises in which accounted for a large proportion, but each in the apple supply chain to play the role there are differences.

one of the innovations of the new generation of iphone is the full screen, the panel material is oled.on the list of apple's suppliers, the oled display and touch panel are mainly from south korea's samsung.samsung's global market share of the display reached 97%, almost completely monopolized.while the first iphone8 only 500 million units, the main reason is the oled screen supply is not on.to this end, apple is also seeking alternative suppliers.one of the most likely is lg, but lg's oled screen production to 2019, far from the hydrolysis can not be thirsty, this market is still about samsung.

this is why apple put a new generation of iphone prices attributed to samsung.it is reported that only the oled screen than the previous expensive$25.

storage capacity is also a factor when consumers buy mobile phones.in the new iphone, nand flash is also from south korea's samsung and sk hynix.samsung is the world's largest storage provider, about the market.the first quarter of this year, the global share of nand flash accounted for 36.7%, sk hynix also accounted for 11.4%.

the new generation of iphone 8 uses a vertical dual camera.it is said that the design and mobile phone new features ar(enhanced reality) innovation.and most of the dual camera components are south korea's electronic parts manufacturer lg subsidiary lg innotek production.apple's new mobile phone also uses samsung electronics and south korea's small and medium-sized manufacturing printed circuit boards.

look at china again.in the impression that apple and the chinese company is the most closely linked foxconn, iphone assembly most of the commissioned to foxconn.

in fact, in addition to foxconn, apple has more than 300 suppliers in china.including goel acoustics to the iphone to provide an acoustic module; desai battery and yan wanda provide mobile phone battery, bluesoft and bourne optical to apple to provide the screen glass.in particular, apple's orders accounted for 50% of bluescope's revenue.jinlong electromechanical to provide a linear motor for the iphone, ring asahi electronics to provide wifi module, rixun precision supply data cable, the swiss audio technology supply audio equipment, shun yu optical production, and so on.

these companies have landed in the capital market, the concept of apple stocks to bring them a bonus.according to wind information statistics, august 1, 2017 to september 11, in 33 apple stocks, in addition to asahi electronics fell 0.74%, the other across the board gains, the average increase of up to 10.96%, more than half of stocks rose more than 10%.

however, including foxconn, including enterprises from mainland china and taiwan, in addition to providing some sophisticated technology, most of the suppliers focus on mobile foundry, waterproof components, acoustic modules, screens , motor, housing, connectors and other peripheral parts supply.

if the economic smile from the point of view, the korean component suppliers have at least the upper and middle positions, they are replaced by the cost.in particular, has been walking in front of the screen, apple also had to accept the price of samsung.while the chinese suppliers despite the large number, but most still in the peripheral and manufacturing stage, to provide apple with inexpensive products, added value is not high.

according to"securities daily"reported that the components and labor costs in the iphone6plus more than 216 us dollars, and foxconn as a assembly plant, can only earn$4 to$4.5, converted into only rmb 25 yuan.this figure has not been officially confirmed, but it is certain that foxconn certainly not earn more than samsung.

in the new apple released this korean pk, the biggest winner in korea.

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