iphone starting price yuan: double-sided glass wireless charging and the remaining two updates

tonight is an unforgettable night...

although all the highlights are almost at a glance before the press, but if you watched the whole live with us, of the press was very excited.

finally, following apple watch series 3,4k apple tv, apple bringing a new generation of iphone smartphone-iphone 8, which is before the rumors of the iphone 7s.

although it is the appearance of iphone 7, it is also a tribute classic

in 2007, the first generation iphone was born, thus beginning to enter the smart phone full touch-screen era.3 years later, steve jobs with double-sided glass iphone 4 stage, and this phone has been countless fruit powder as a classic.

7 years later, we see the classic design of double-sided glass once again return.

now, in order to allow the new iphone to support wireless charging, the iphone 8 is inherited.

iphone 4 classic design, since the iphone 5 since the all-metal body into a double-sided glass design.and this design, let the iphone 8 look more than the previous generation of iphone 7 more beautiful crystal.

in other design, iphone 8 is almost exactly the same with the iphone 7.the fuselage of the box is still using the aviation grade aluminum alloy to build, and then after 7 layers of color processing.fuselage glass panels are used before the special treatment of the enhanced glass, according to apple's own argument, this will be the iphone since the most durable glass panel.

even with the use of this double-sided glass embedded in the structure of aluminum design, iphone 8 or continued waterproof and dustproof function, the official data show iphone 8 in the iec 60529 standard to achieve ip67 level protection level.

the current iphone 8 provides three colors for the user to choose, respectively, space gray, silver and new blush gold three colors.

in the iphone 8, apple joined the wireless charging feature, hoping to let the new generation of iphone to change people's lives.

the screen is better, but wireless charging more attention

whether it is in the car in the control area, or when waiting for flights, wireless charging can give users a convenient enough experience, and this is the apple wireless process forward a big step forward.

unfortunately, whether it is iphone x, or iphone 8 series models are not rumors in the long-range wireless charging.in other words, the iphone 8 wants to be wirelessly charged, still need to be placed on the device to charge.but optimism is that for this wireless charging, apple did not engage in specialization, it is supported on the market is currently popular qi wireless charging standards.as for the screen, the iphone 8 screen size and resolution, still with the last year's iphone 7 remained at the same level.in addition to some of the dci-p3 wide gamut, 3d touch, this time the iphone 8 joined the iphone 7 does not have the true tone display technology.

now, the iphone 8 hardware level on the screen has finally been flat with the plus series of product lines.

speaking of the conventional hardware upgrade, the stronger a11 chip is directed at the ar.

speaking at this conference, the ar application and the presentation part of the game are really bright.it is estimated that many people did not think, in the iphone on the ar experience can achieve such a real effect, and this should also have iphone 8 sinking a11 chip credit.apple said, a11 processor cpu, gpu, isp will be in the ar(c) applications throughout the process, object tracking, rendering and real-time lighting simulation work.

this time, iphone 8 built a new apple a11 bionic chip, also as we have reported before, it uses two high-performance large nuclear+4 low-power small-core design, with a total of 300 million transistors.

according to apple's official statement, two high-performance large nuclear performance ratio a10's high-performance large core boosts performance by 25 percent, while the four low-power sub-cores are 70 percent better than the a102 low-power sub-core.in addition, a11 is also equipped with a second-generation apple performance controller, which makes a11 in multi-threaded processing, performance increased by 70%.

as for the gpu, a11 graphics performance than the a10 increased by 30%, but the power is reduced by half.of course, the new a11 in addition to bring more robust performance, it also contributed to the iphone 8 camera a force.

although the previous generation iphone plus series of dual-photo design did not appear in the iphone 8 body, but compared to iphone 7, iphone 8 of the camera ability or have a certain upgrade.

the above a11 in its integrated new isp chip, allowing the iphone in the dark focus autofocus, so that photos have better sharpness and the hardware level to reduce the noise of the photo.

and iphone 8 is still equipped with 12 million pixel rear camera, although the parameters are not much change, but apple said iphone 8 replaced a new sensor.the new sensor not only brings better camera effects, but also for the powerful video recording possible.

at the press conference, apple announced that the iphone 8 supports 4k 60fps video recording and 1080p 240fps more high-definition slow motion shooting.

want to know how to take pictures of the iphone 8 in the end, you can refer to the following apple provided iphone 8 proofs.


iphone 8 price did not how the basic price

with the end of the conference, iphone 8 also sell information also appears apple's official website in china, this product will be september 15 at 3:01 pm starting from the pre-order.

5388 yuan, 128gb country version of the price of 6188 yuan.and this time the national version of the iphone 8 only 64gb and 256gb two versions, priced at 5888 yuan and 7188 yuan.

since the iphone 7 does not have a 64gb version, then from 64gb iphone 8 price 5888 yuan point of view, it is just in the price of 32gb iphone 7 and 128gb iphone 7 the middle price of two models.so the 64gb version of the iphone 8 can be said that almost no price increases.as for the 256gb version of the iphone 8 is compared to the iphone 7 is only up 200 yuan.

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