apple big bright spot big regret: cannon fodder iphone iphone iphone

for a long time, apple in beijing on september 13 in his new headquarters apple park park in the jobs theater introduced three new iphone, which is the first time the activities of the steve jobs theater.coincides with the apple iphone tenth anniversary, choose to host the conference can be said to be extraordinary significance, if you missed the conference, then may wish to see the audience on the conference's total(spit) it!

apple watch series 3-really independent

p> as the first sales and satisfaction with the first smart watches, apple watch ushered in the third generation of updates.the apple watch series 3 joined the cellular data network, with the effect of the powder can be completely from the iphone to use apple watch series 3 to call, with apple music songs and even addition, apple watch series 3 built-in processor upgrade to w2 chip, which also allows it to run siri more!

easy.of course, due to enhanced functionality and joined the cellular data network version, apple watch series 3 battery life or some worrying, i feel this will let it return to the day of a rhythm. id is the unique recognition program for apple's launch of a full-screen, which is the same as the touch id.

face id(face id) than the probability of misunderstanding will be lower.i believe in the near future is expected to become a lot of andrews manufacturers to create a full screen model when imitation of another point.

but then, we see that apple has failed to unlock the conference once.from the iphone x for sale for some time, looking forward to this time apple has to face id recognition success rate to optimize the good, after all, this new technology is a one-size-fits-all to replace the touch id, for the future to buy iphone x but there is no regret to eat medicine.

the camera finally catch up with the dead end note8!

previous iphone 7/7 plus camera both in hardware or imaging are samsung's flagship series to overtake, and the iphone x is finally pulled back a city, support dual-lens optical image stabilization of the double plus, to support the portrait mode of the front are effectively enhance the iphone's camera strength, at least with note8 stand on the same level.however, this upgrade is exclusive to the iphone x, so the screen before the fruit powder want to have a better experience of the camera, then the camera is not the same as the iphone x, still have to wait iphone x ah

wireless charging and fast charging

everyone wants the wireless charge to finally join in this new iphone, adapt to all kinds of qi protocol charger do not have to buy a dedicated wireless charger can be said to be quite conscience.of course, apple has also launched the whole family of barrels(apple watch, airpods) are applicable one-stop wireless charger airpower so that fruit powder can also give their own apple barrels of the product charge, but the official said only 2018 years have to sell the

in the fast charge side, iphone 8 series and x support up to 29w fast charge.the official description is to support up to 30 minutes can charge up to 50% of the electricity, but the premise is that you have to buy additional charge head, because the charging head is only 5w power, accessories in this point, apple is still as usual.

everyone is in the tucao iphone in the appearance of the upgrade, iphone 8/8 plus and did not make much upgrades(appearance), especially the front is still using the ancestral set of baby design.even if the metal integrated body back to the double glass+metal box, but it does not seem to mention everyone's desire to buy, the machine can be said to be the new a11 bionic processor to steal the limelight.this time the iphone 8 series using a new self-research gpu, isp, video encoder, apple this initiative to believe that the iphone 8 series of new self-research gpu, isp, video encoder, apple this initiative to believe that

the new interaction takes time to adapt

as the iphone x with a full screen and remove the home button, for the old iphone users certainly have to take the time to re-learn to adapt to the full screen iphone x of the interaction and operation, compared to andrews manufacturers to use virtual keys to transition the program, apple's learning costs will naturally be higher, which for the old fruit powder may be a challenge, of course, good friends can also be seen as a rare opportunity early the same time, the full screen brought about by the more easy to touch the problem should also let some"virgo"

""users tangled, after all, the black side of the screen narrowed to the iphone since the history of the smallest, mistakenly as a narrow frame phone a common problem in this point apple can take good off.

everyone knows that the iphone's life has been painful, even if support for fast charging and wireless charging, but not much increase in battery capacity will still be constrain its endurance.for the iphone x, the higher resolution of the screen brought about by the power consumption can not be ignored, so the iphone x actual battery life is still quite worrying.

iphone x was placed in the end of october pre-order, in early november only delivery is some appetite.of course, such a move i think is to a large extent for the iphone 8 series to make way to protect the iphone 8 series of early sales, to avoid becoming cannon fodder.if the iphone x synchronized sale, then for the iphone 8 series is definitely a shock.we all want to buy better, more unique design, design and no major changes in the iphone 8 series in front of the iphone x really no the same time, this year's iphone compared with the previous price to rise some, although there are also samsung can not be avoided.

"credit", but the end result is for the average user is not very friendly, the budget is difficult to consider the fruit powder can be considered directly after the upgrade or after the price and then start will be more wise.

dual card dual standby or no!

dual card dual standby as the chinese fruit powder are loud features, in this generation of iphone still do not see its trace, ah, 10 years! dual card dual standby this function even the domestic 1000 yuan machine can be standard, apple certainly have the ability to add it to the iphone, then why not add apple? i think it is because apple wants to have a sub-card users to buy a more reason for the iphone it

after all, users have a sticky to your product, and can not do without your product but have to prepare for the vice card a mobile phone, then buy a sure is its most direct choice.this may also be apple so many years of life and death refused to join the reasons for dual card dual standby it, it is wayward, to see a few domestic manufacturers have so courage?

keke comments:the most eye-catching is still the iphone x, as can not easily buy, this is estimated to be a bit difficult.

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