navarra zhengzhou nissan zhongmu factory visit

in the growing number of pickups in the country, all kinds of pickups are also appearing in our field of vision.this time we had the honor to visit the birth of the new nissan picanawara-zhengzhou zhongmou factory new assembly shop, to explore this is defined as zhengzhou nissan suv-class pickup manufacturing process.


zhengzhou nissan zhongmu factory new assembly plant in october 2016 completed and put into production, production capacity of 30jph(that is, every hour up to 30 cars).the new assembly plant currently produces navarra, rui qi, nv200, handsome and graceful mx6 5 is worth mentioning that the factory in 2016 nissan nearly 40 factories in the overall level of comparison into the top ten.

first, the assembly process brief

with the past to see the assembly shop is different, zhongmu factory new assembly workshop is relatively rare and non-load bearing body assembly workshop.workshop has a total of 11 production lines:respectively, by the five main lines, four by the body structure of the sub-assembly line and two test lines.this flexible production line, which guarantees a different body structure, can be produced in the same assembly shop, greatly improving production efficiency and saving additional equipment, site and staff costs.

you can see that different models of the body structure of a common assembly workshop, is zhongmu factory new assembly workshop of the biggest features the


all models in the assembly shop are transferred through the air conveyor chain to complete.

at present zhongmu factory new assembly workshop a total of 5 models at the same time production, transported from the coating workshop body will press need to enter the bus in turn.

second, the interior bus

before the start of the assembly, in order to facilitate the installation of the interior part, the door will be removed and transported to the door line for assembly.while the body will be sent to the interior line, the firewall, bus, top lining and other parts of the assembly.after completing the installation of these interiors, the large platform equipped with the body will be sent from the large agv to the interior second line for the assembly of the dashboard module, seat belts, front and rear windshields and other parts.

the workers are installing seat belts and operate in strict accordance with the tightening torque requirements.

workers are installing nvbs for harnesses and other parts.

after the assembly of the interior second-line parts is completed, the lift will be automatically assigned to the two chassis subassemblies for assembly according to the different body structure , and this is the most critical part of this flexible production line.


in the load-bearing chassis sub-assembly line, the chassis through the agv lifting robot and body for a one-time assembly.

the load-bearing body chassis assembly line is similar to the other branded assembly plants previously visited.the powertrain, front and rear suspension, fuel tank and some piping are assembled on this sub-assembly line and are identified.installation location, follow-up by agv lifting robot to complete with the body of the joint.

non-loadable body chassis assembly line mainly to complete the powertrain, front and rear suspension, fuel tank, drive shaft, spare tire and rear bumper and other parts of the installation.after completing the installation of the above parts, the cargo compartment and the carriage will be completed in sequence with the chassis.two chassis sub-line parallel to each other, separated by less than 20 meters, this different body structure of the models share a total load shop situation, is the first time in the country.

in the non-loadable body chassis assembly line, the workers will spare parts, suspension, drive shaft and other parts to install.the only domestic assembly line

engine sub-line to the two chassis sub-line at the same time supply powertrain, according to the type and configuration of different sort.and each powertrain will eventually be transported by agv to the respective chassis assembly line for installation.


the engine subassembly will take the lead in completing the engine and gearbox assembly work.

after completing the engine and gearbox, the powertrain will be delivered in sequence to the corresponding chassis.

on the assembly line.

in the non-loadable chassis chassis, workers are installing a rear bumper in navarra.


after the previous station has completed the installation of the cargo compartment, the lift falls off the compartment that has finished the interior assembly.the chassis is assembled.

four, chassis interior line

complete the assembly of the chassis assembly line will be transported through the air conveyor chain to the chassis interior line, the workers in the chassis steering wheel, front bumper, wheel and other parts for assembly.since all models share a loading shop, the plant does not have to re-enter the equipment such as lift, wheel bolts and other equipment, but also save labor costs.


are shipped to the chassis interior line navarra has completed the assembly of most parts only requires installation of front bumper, wheel and door.

the workers are installing the front bumper on the rui qi, the vehicle bumper is modularized by the supplier supply.


the new assembly plant uses wheel bolts to automatically tighten the equipment, greatly improving the work efficiency.

5, the commercial line and the detection line

will be installed in the door assembly line with the car door fitted together, the vehicle assembly work is completed.before the official off the assembly line, the vehicle will go through the commercial line and test line.on the commercialization line, workers will check the instrument's display, headlamps and finish.after the inspection of the commercial line, the vehicle will be on the test line for four wheel positioning, power detection and emission testing, meet the requirements of the vehicle will be released, follow-up road test and rain detection.

a navarra is about to go offline.the new assembly plant design capacity of 30jph, that is every two minutes there will be a vehicle from here.


at this station, navarra will complete four rounds of positioning and power data detection.the new assembly plant is equipped with a glass automatic glue robot, you can automatically seal the front and rear windshield, not only to ensure that each piece of glass coated with glass glue evenly, but also save the amount of more and more factories are using a glass automatic coating robot, zhengzhou nissan zhongmou factory in this regard naturally can not lag behind.

glass coating robots"take over"the very high on the operational requirements, to ensure the quality of the glue but also save the amount of glue.

at present, the number of agv robots in the new assembly shop of zhongmu factory has reached 210 units, which are guided by the planned electromagnetic route.each agv robot is equipped with a radar detection device in the front, in the detection of foreign objects will be issued in front of the stop command, making the entire material and platform transport, are in an orderly manner.smaller agv robots can carry small materials and fasteners.


medium-sized agv robots can transport some of the larger chassis parts.

large-scale agv robots carry large platforms for some vehicles, precisely because of the presence of such agv robots, the[...] there is no forklift living space in the new assembly shop.

designed to give a car a performance goal, and manufacturing is used to achieve this goal a powerful means.navarra as a natural card has its own hardcore characteristics, and zhongmou factory new assembly plant high-quality manufacturing level is given its hardcore capital and cornerstone.navarra overall style is quite tough, daytime running lights and the use of local chrome trim is the same with the ordinary pickup in the grade of the biggest difference.


splash on the body of the mud on the more natural style of navarra icing on the cake.

navarra equipped with a code-named qr25 naturally aspirated engine, with imported 7-speed hand from one gearbox.

navarra is equipped with a code-named qr25 2.5l naturally aspirated engine, with the infiniti most models equipped with 7-speed manual gearbox.the maximum engine power is 135kw(184ps)/6000rpm, the maximum torque of 251nm/4000rpm.navarra uses a time-sharing four-wheel drive drive, and the transfer case with low-speed torque amplification function.also must mention is that the mercedes-benz pickup x-class is also built on the basis of the navarra platform.

31 ° the angle of departure and the departure angle of 26 ° are the valleys of various valleys that challenge navarra.the structure of the non-loadable body not only makes the rigidity of the vehicle greatly enhanced, but also increases the height of the intake port.


, in passing through some water pavement, can get better through sex.time-sharing four-wheel drive in a simple but efficient way to get faster than the timely four-wheel drive off-road capability, while the four wheels at the same time to provide momentum makes navarra has a strong track.

edit comment:zhengzhou nissan and dongfeng nissan compared to the total people have a marginalized feeling, which before the competitiveness of its products and positioning the population is not unrelated.and zhengzhou nissan zhongmou factory new assembly plant put into operation, not only makes the overall production level of zhongmu factory has been strengthened, but also to zhengzhou nissan brand image was improved.similarly, navarra as a new introduction of the pickup model, thanks to the competitiveness of their products at the same time, relying on zhongmu factory new assembly shop assembly level, will be able to maximize their own characteristics show.this is for the zhengzhou nissan and consumers, are a good news.

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