how to understand the antarctic - you should see them before you leave

antarctic, the last piece of land that man finally arrives at the southern end of the earth.this is the cold boundary, it is every soul is willing to arrive at the poem and distant......

everyone's mind has an antarctic, and there must be a story of, maybe let you re-understand the antarctic again.

amundsen is the first person to reach the south pole.

amundsen went to the south pole on september 8, 1911.they set off too early, then the temperature is still as low as 56 degrees celsius, the norwegian were cold beat, forced to return.on october 15 they set off again, and they traveled at more than 30 kilometers a day, turning over the first food supply point after the rose ice barrier.once amundsen has reached the end of the ice area, he will have to do so."

by looking through the gap in the crossed mountains, facing the ice fissure of the glaciers and nearly ten thousand feet high polar plateau.when amundsen crossed these areas, as did he expected, the exhausted dogs became the remnants of the dog's dog of 18 dogs.-on the way, he named a lot of terrain in the name of the norwegian patron and his explorers.

amundsen and his four partners calmly and accurately to the south pole.when they reached shackleton's"farthest point southward", they put up the norwegian flag with a snow pole and inserted it on an open sled to show that they were on behalf of their young country new way to the south pole.

so moved","tears burst out, so i can not suppress, that is the flag to the distant conquest of my heart."

when they were finally close to the south pole on december 15, 1911, one of his companions recorded,"fulfilled our desired goal...and most importantly, we were the first landing pole of the people, in this flutter is not the british flag but our norwegian tricolor flag.

amundsen and his four companions symbolically clenched the flagpole of temporary substitutes, and"raised the flag of flying high, and they first inserted it at the south pole."at the same time, amundsen announced:"to this end, we will you-respect the flag, erected at the south pole, and named this piece of ice and snow plateau 'king hakang seven plateau'."this scene was taken the lens.

scott:death like a gentleman.the courage to struggle, the courage to explore.the courage to find, never yield.

"anyone who wants to adventure should see that place as a homemade."scott argues that this is an unwritten rule for gentleman explorers.

scott's own adventure plan was conducted in an orderly manner and was officially announced on september 13, 1909.although his main objective of the expedition was"to land the south pole to ensure the honor of the british empire,"scott was particularly concerned about science.eventually, ten scientists signed with scott's second antarctic expedition, and the number of scientists was more than the total number of scientists who had been to antarctica.

until january 16, 1912, amundsen quickly returned to his base, and scott discovered the norwegian left a black flag, and saw the snow on their rivals left by the sled, snowboarding and sled dog imprints.the british have not yet reached the south pole, but it is clear that the norwegian have been leading them.

scott and his four companions struggled to torture their weary bodies through the polar plateau, scurvy, frostbite and frustration.

they have to rely on the weak body in the deteriorating weather, drag heavyweight sled.collecting geological samples helps to save their unfortunate fate and beautify their scientific image, indicating that they are different from amundsen's expedition.january 17, 1912, scott and the team in the antarctic photo.scott and his frustrated partners raised the british flag at the south pole.although they lost to amundsen, but the british still claim to have sovereignty over the antarctic plateau.scott has told the world that his expedition may be sacrificed.

, but they are not simply to rush to the south pole.if they die, but also for the cause of science and death, is not a purposeless one of the letters, scott claimed that their death indicated that"the british were still able to face death in the fearless spirit and struggle for it", so that"the future of the british set an example".in another letter, scott wrote that they would"die like a gentleman,"in order to show that"the courage and power needed to endure is not lost in our nation."

a few months later, people finally found their bodies where they were born, and they stood still with the cones and some ice cubes.back to scott's base, people in the nearby hills erected a cross, engraved with alfred tennyson in the"ulysses"in the verse:"the courage to struggle, the courage to explore."

shackleton:modern knight, thousands of miles of boat rescued soldiers.

in 1914, a group of experienced explorers led by sir ernest shackleton first crossed the antarctic continent and became the first team to land on the antarctic august 1908, shackleton began to advance to the south the evening of august 1908, shackleton began to advance to the antarctic and/along the layout of food storage points, this time only four pony.although he brought some sled dogs, because there is no experienced tame dog division, so the sled dog has been unable to use.the unfortunate choice of shackleton inevitably resulted in the result of a sled.

three weeks later, shackleton and three other players set foot on a distance of 1200 km from the south was a decisive day on christmas day 1908.shackleton admitted that it would not be possible to complete a two-month adventure by leaving only a month's food.the whole group gathered in the tent to celebrate the dinner, enjoying the last cigar and mint liqueur.

once, sir shackleton and his teammates,"james stewart skye number"loaded supplies will maintain six people a month to survive.shackleton persuaded himself to do the opposite, to move forward and climb.although there are 400 kilometers away from the pole, but he can not accept the road opened by him and the achievements of other explorers finally boarded the south pole this thing happened.shackelton is satisfied that they are only from the south pole only."

97 miles away.many writers disagreed with his calculations that the last few days of shackleton's numbers were speculated, and that he could claim that he had arrived less than 100 miles from the south pole.

"antarctica:"endurance"adventure":the era of polar adventure heroes,"the world's greatest leader"tells the story of the unique history of the antarctic adventure.

this book tells the story of sir shackleton and his expedition on his way to the antarctic continent.the book quoted a large number of members of the navigational diary, more real to restore the situation at that time.

no matter what the truth, from the extreme-whether it is the south pole or the north pole so close to the distance, are marked achievements, miscarriage of justice may enlarge his achievements, in any case this requires great courage, take a huge risk.

although shackleton did not reach the south pole, he was hailed as a hero.the british government spoke highly of its"great value of discovery"and awarded him twenty thousand pounds.he soon finished and published two volumes of the book"the heart of antarctica"shortly after he returned to london, suggesting that he really conquered the antarctic continent.

qin dahe:china's first man walking across the antarctic continent.

in the eighties and nineties when qin dahe academicians walk 6000 km across the antarctic continent, which was a sensation in the world at the time, inspired a lot of young people, is a very inspirational thing.

things took place a few decades ago, there is an antarctic expedition, which by the united states, france, the former soviet union, britain, japan, china, composed of six members of the expedition, academician is the only scientist who insists on it.

the entire trip is more than 5890 km, which lasted 220 days, full of hiking and the americans and the french are professional explorers, engaged in a lifetime, experience is very rich.qin academician for the minimum requirements can not fall behind, the second, we must complete the scientific task, the third, alive back.if you can guarantee that the three points is the greatest success.

qin's weight loss of 30 kg, he is now the weight of 95 kg, crossed the antarctic weight meter only 59 kg, less than 120 pounds, physical exertion is very the great antarctic along the longest route to go, is the world so far on foot through the only record.fully completed the above three tasks, reached a very good result.

these achievements and the current science is very limited, and now the chinese antarctic frozen study is very exciting, but also step by step came.

since 1770 today, mankind has never stopped to explore antarctica-the vast mysterious ice and snow continent, explorers, scientists, government officials, environmentalists, businessmen have appeared, staged scenes thrilling, twists and turns, magnificent historical scenes.

today's antarctic, compared with ever, it is a little veil.however, the antarctic as a destination, or suggest more to see some of the antarctic documentary or book.this will help you, the following will be sent to the exclusive recommendation.

first of all, it is strongly recommended that the bbc documentary"frozen planet".bbc in the shooting of wild animals is definitely the position of the sword dragon.there is a set of groups of lenses, talking about the male penguins are the same as with the human nest, in the courtship they have to choose a large number of suitable stone"house", but the good stone is not easy to run,"some penguins so embarked on the road to crime"(commentary words, people can not help laughing).there is a penguin constantly stealing it next to another penguin hard to return the stone, but later was finally caught a current.that humorous picture coupled with humorous music, see people laughing.

in addition, there are some books and videos that can be seen in the leisure time before departure and on board:

"700 days polar survivors:shackleton antarctic adventure record"caroline alexander"

"antarctica,"tsai king-hui

"ice and snow world expedition"the end of the world, the beginning of everything,"bennett

"antarctica:the ultimate trip", wang zi pan, wang wei

"antarctic love", wu youyin

the documentary"antarctic adventures","marshall"

the documentary"the unbelievable truth", guggenheim"


read the history of the antarctic story, look at the recommended books and videos, i believe your trip to the antarctic will be more meaningful, you see is more beautiful than others, you are invited to embark on the antarctic journey together.