where are the most popular travel? is the dominant choice of destination?

recently, the global travel consumer guide ants nest travel network combined with today's headlines published in the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states,(hereinafter referred to as the"report"), based on the ant honeycomb billions of free exercise of the user's question and answer, comments, search, booking and other large multi-dimensional data, as well as today's headlines click, read and other behavior data, during the travel trend of the forecast and analysis.

the report notes that chinese tourists will soon usher in 2017, the longest for the last time vacation, small mid-autumn national day holiday incorporation, up to 8 days of vacation travel plans prompted a large number of tourists, the tourism market or will usher the most popular season.as the national day approaching, the reference to the"national day"or"11"q&a in a substantial increase in the number of related question and answer in august than in july increased by 210%, people travel enthusiasm can be seen.

during the national day in 2017, the top ten destinations in china were beijing, shanghai, chengdu, chongqing, xi'an, hangzhou, guangzhou, sanya, xiamen and qingdao.

of the popular cities are more conventional, it can be seen, the domestic tourists have formed a relatively mature and stable tourism preferences, twice and above to the same destination occupies the proportion of tourists is increasing, relaxing leisure and vacation to become the main purpose.

"chinese people more and more attention to the territory of the 'experience of another city to another life', is experiencing from the simple 'travel' to 'holiday' normalized upgrade, which is the domestic tourism market increasingly mature performance."feng rao said.

the report states that food has become the most prominent and most popular tourist label in the city, and 67% of visitors see food as the most important consideration when selecting a domestic tourist destination.chengdu and chongqing hot pot, xi'an mutton steamed bread, guangzhou morning tea, xiamen and qingdao seafood for their respective cities in the tourism industry help, as many tourists travel subject.terms

traveling population distribution, ant cellular big data show that travel the crowd during the national day this year, mainly from beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, chengdu, nanjing, tianjin, chongqing and nanchang, a second-tier city dwellers is still the main force travel.travel the main crowd, nanchang first appeared in the top ten.in terms of the price of tourism products, the average price of domestic tourism products during the national day this year is the price of tourism products.3410 yuan, up 21% year on year in 2016.top 10 domestic destinations, the average price of tourism products in sanya, hainan to 4665 yuan to reach the highest, while it rose the fastest, up to 26.5%, more than the average domestic level.

during the national day in 2017, the top ten destinations outside japan were japan, thailand, hong kong, china taiwan, indonesia, singapore, vietnam, china macau, malaysia and maldives.

japan's most popular five major destinations are osaka, tokyo, kyoto, okinawa and sapporo.thailand's most popular five major destinations are phuket, bangkok, chiang mai, samui and koh chang.

koh chang is a well-deserved dark horse this year.according to the ant honeycomb and interface jointly released in august,"travel bee to the standard"shows that thailand's elephant island tourism heat up 607%-thanks to the popular variety show"chinese restaurant"viewfinder, koh chang in a short time to attract a large number of visitors and fans to travel, among the top five popular destinations in thailand.

the price of tourism products, this year during the national day overseas tourism products, the average price of 7906 yuan, an increase of 45%, much higher than the average price of domestic products rose.

among them, the average price of tourism products in singapore is 5767 yuan, or up to 45%%, for the top ten hot destinations outside the most.feng rao said that since this year, the singapore tourism bureau frequent force in the chinese market, china has also been replaced for two consecutive years of indonesia to become singapore's largest source of tourism revenue, singapore tourism hot fast pull and more high-end holiday products, travel prices an important reason for the rise.

in addition, the two most popular tourist countries-japan and thailand, free line of product prices rose significantly different.thailand's tourism product prices rose 34% compared to last year's national day, while japan remained relatively stable, up only 8%.

today's headlines data show that this year, chinese tourists on the domestic tour of the degree of concern rose sharply compared with last year , or up to 101%.in contrast, china's concern for outbound travel, although also increased, but relatively more rational, or 55.7%.at the same time, due to the recent terrorist attacks and frequent natural disasters, china, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, the united states, visitors during the national day this year, the most concerned about the travel problem is"safe."at the same time,"burst to buy"although the past, but the content of the topic related to consumption is still one of the key concerns of chinese tourists.ranked third in the tourism keyword is"friends circle", the social properties of tourism is further enlarged, this year during the national day will usher in a new round of friends circle photography contest.

in the same period of last year, during the national day trip peak travel the trend is not obvious.data show that the number of trips from september 30 began to surge, in the october 1 national day peak reached the day.and the elephant nest"2016 11 travel trend report"shows that last year only three percent of tourists choose to travel on october 1 the same day.on the other hand, in the past, large-scale"false"phenomenon, the"false"phenomenon, on the other hand, in the national day period is also not obvious-this year want to"miss", visitors need to leave 5 days to leave half a month.report sample survey results show that only less than 5% of the respondents choose to leave, to come with the national day before and after the weekend,"false."

feng rao analysis said that the special time and duration of the national day holiday led to this phenomenon:"although the holiday looks longer, but can not meet europe and the united states and other long-distance destination travel, some visitors will actually choose a closer distance to the destination, to a long-term travel, which is the concern of the domestic tour rose more than one of the reasons outside the tour."