iphonex is about to release fatal flaws have been exposed!

from the first generation of iphone officially on sale today has been 10 years.

apple's early morning conference, eye-catching 8,8p and iphone x finally debut!

a summary of the conference, can only say that

sure enough so.

to more than 1,000 us dollars, equivalent to rmb 8000+.


iphone x 64g official website price 8388,258g is 9688.

, respectively, iphone 8, 8plus, iphone x.


of the full screen but there are small bangs.


the iphone x can be wirelessly charged, face recognition boot.


p> is like a prophet for three consecutive nights of killing, the end of the game, civilians win feel.

the conference is in progress

the global users of the tucao also continued on the line

iphone x better than the iphone 8 so much, why should the iphone 8?

can open all iphone x people the-"power of the game"no face

mobile phone was taken away against the beat,

unlock! paid? the

emotional disputes, how to do family security the

iphone 14:cancel the camera, iphone 14:cancel the battery, iphone 16:goodbye, cell phone

milan, la, model

iphone 8 and iphone x equipped with a11 bionic processor, true tone display, 12 million post-pixel.to be honest, this should be called iphone 7s

-marques brownlee

everyone:please, please achieve group facetime and better battery life! apple iphone:iphone 8 positive and negative are glass

-james charles

for the iphone x's facial recognition function, makeup makeup after two what should i do?


iphonex may not be suitable for china.face recognition unlock, male dare not sleep, the woman's unlock but also a makeup, net red face can unlock a bar phone.haze days with a cell phone but also pick masks!

-chinese users

even so, before the conference, iphone's pre-sale has already begun.

people do not care about what the new iphone or how expensive, after all, want to buy, how will buy

life jun a flag,

more tucao more people to buy, even if expensive, selling the best will be x

watch the watch! new apple watch(can call!)

0 people
so cool, that must enter, sit on sale!

iphone 8 and 8 plus will be in september, and the iphone 8 and 8 plus will be in september.

15 start the pre-order, september 22 officially on sale,

x models postponed in october 27 pre-order, november 3 sale,

but the first batch of pre-sale has not much, the price 8388 yuan from the iphone x,

most likely to be hot cattle to 20,000+

more frightening is that queuing up the scene is too cruel, for example, like sauce

more than the dangerous place, and life jun in the blessing life app wait to buy it~

iphone new series and classic models are online you yo~

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