the nba's six model couple curry show enoch nowitzki has a wedding for his black wife


,"curry said in a recent show that his wife loves cooking and is no match for the pot.even confesses that he can only rely on his wife's best work for life, and the sharpshooter seems to be a hen-pecked husband!

although garage so to speak, but the wisdom, this is the show love for one another.let's talk about the nba's love affair with his wife, who has almost no club news!

dirk nowitzki and olson,

in july 2012, dirk nowitzki and olson went into the palace of marriage, they held the wedding in germany and kenya, the original can't walk to arrive together people met in a charity auction in february 2010.he was captured by the kenyan the process of communication, regardless of the family's discrimination against the black people, the marriage without any order to show respect for his wife, two weddings have been held in germany and kenya.

paul and ray

as paul also is loyal to his wife, compared with other nba players of all kinds of flower news, paul every time travel have to be serious, holding his wife's hand, did not hesitate.on the five-week anniversary of the two men, they showed their hands and said,"as a whole, hand in hand forever!happy anniversary!you'll always love you more than you think!"

wiese brooke and nina

little table for this summer's loyalty, selection and renewal, thunder and otc, wei less loyalty to his wife nina is was love at first sight for his wife, who was already a major player in the ucla women's basketball team.after he became famous, wei paid$700,000 for his wife nina's wedding ring.nina is having a baby this year.

james and mr tomlinson

tomlinson met in 16 years old, james and cloth cloth tomlinson said james what decision, she will support.and james said:"people like me need a great partner, no matter what situation i'm in, what's going on, she's there for me.that's what brinson is.she's been behind me."james is now the first person in the league, but he has always been a good wife.

kobe and vanessa

kobe retired already has for some time, there's plenty of time with his family, from time to time will show our show love for one another.bryant and his wife vanessa met in 1999.then the relationship grew rapidly, and bryant defied his parents, jackson's opposition, and married vanessa in the presence of his bodyguards and relatives of his girlfriend.and vanessa, in the following eagle county incident, also chose to go with kobe.

kobe bryant's back end with sincerity vanessa, from kobe bryant to vanessa buy thousands of luxury goods, as well as the usual sum vanessa on, it's not hard to see kobe bryant for his wife's's no wonder that someone asked kobe bryant, gasol and vanessa in the water before retiring.bryant replied,"save vanessa first, gasol will understand me."