is it a matter of space paranormal or astronaut hallucination?

in july 1984, the soviet union"salyut 7"of the space station on a supernatural things happened, the two parts of the six astronauts in space station respectively suddenly appear around the space station, see"angel"followed by the whole people is a kind of very comfortable and peaceful state.although has been around it is filled with many ideas, some people think that is an illusion of the astronauts, also some people think that is the astronauts met god, but no matter how this is human exploration of space will face a serious problem.


into space in april 1982"salyut 7"purpose is to do all kinds of scientific experiment station, the astronauts in the beginning only leo ni de battleground meters(leonid kizim), vladimir elliot soloway,(vladimir voted, and as a cardiovascular physician, o oleg(oleg atkov).in space for a few years later, however,"salyut 7"began to appear a series of system failures, but as a result of these failures will not cause fatal danger, so the astronauts decided to stick to continue to perform a task.

, on july 12, 1984, three astronauts on the"salute no.7"saw a blaze of orange clouds around the first, they considered to be an explosion, but shortly after the space station was full of downy light, but all of them have also seen outside the station there was a huge angel form.

according to the three astronauts later recalled, according to the"angel"is about the size of a boeing 747 aircraft, it looks like the smile to them, not only the whole scene also gives a person the feeling is very comfortable and peaceful, and ultimately in the 10 minutes after gradually's also worth noting that some of the investigations later revealed that the three astronauts saw more than one"angel", at least seven of them.

second encounter

in a"angel"vision in five days on july 17, 1984, t-12 soyuz spacecraft carrying three astronauts vladimir tony don't peskov(vladimir dzhanibekov), svetlana lana, savi, kaya(svetlana savitskaya) and igor volcker(igor volk) on the space station,"salyut 7"with savi, kaya is in eight days later to become the first female astronauts walk in space.

as the whole task in smooth progress, however,"angel"vision appeared again, this time"salyut 7"all the six astronauts on at the same time, through this thing, and it is also the same as the first time-see"angel"in smiling to himself, and then the whole person into a state of very comfortable and peaceful, finally after a few minutes"angel"will gradually disappear in the universe, and everything is like nothing happened.

illusion or supernatural

has been in many ufo and aliens on earth, and as a result of these events too subversive sense, so a lot of people will try to interpret it as an illusion caused by-although"salyut 7"event, but due to its participants have 6 people and they were two different locations in space station respectively, and after a long before these astronauts on the space and strict training, and they don't have any reason to make this a lie, so use"illusion"to explain"salyut 7"event doesn't seem reasonable.

in fact, since the"salyut 7"after the incident investigation report indeed caused a huge sensation, but due to the media did not appear on the matter"angel"and the meaning behind it, so"salyut 7"incident was soon forgotten.however, as more and more classified files have been leaked to the internet in recent years, the issue of"salute no.7"has attracted attention again.and it is important to note that not only is"salyut 7"event"angel", have been found in some purported nasa employees leakers also claimed the hubble telescope is often photographed"angel"image appears in the space.and even conspiracy theorists point out that, in fact, the ability to explore space country in the world are aware of the existence of this strange phenomenon, but under pressure from the vatican, so foreign will interpret it as common natural phenomena or hallucination.

it is important to note that on july 29, 2008, a group calling itself at nasa for 34 years retired staff claimed that he was at the kennedy space center monitor screen to see a tall alien standing in the shuttle's payload bay, it looks like in talking to, in the light of all the signs, will the"angel"incident be an alien trying to communicate with human astronauts?

"angel"is the force behind

if we went through all kinds of religious texts and other ancient books, so you can see there are many describe angels or god made in plot, then they actually come from?can the word"heaven"explain their origins?in fact, many paranormal investigators also noted, supernatural phenomenon is closely related to and one kind of energy, and this energy driving the supernatural in the form of different, as"salyut 7"events"angel"suddenly appear and disappear in the vision, and six parties appear strange experience, behind its looks like a burst of energy in controlling addition, there were seven"angels"in the incident of"cannon 7"in the investigation report, so there was also the view that this was a sign of the fall of the seven angels, an ominous sign.

all in all whatever"salyut 7"because of the vision is a force of or is just an illusion, what ultimately depends on from this point of view, after all known science is difficult to explain the bizarre events.




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