interesting!the cause of china's stock market crash: the mao tai, a guizhou province

the market plunge depth interpretation:

today's shanghai and shenzhen two city shockingly slump, the shanghai composite index dropped to 2.29%, and the biggest drop since 2017, and"refers to is also dropped to 3.16%, below the line half a year for the first time since 3 months, the small and medium-sized blow is extremely serious.for the overall market slump, we must understand the nature of the current a-share market(policy guidance for the king), the depth of the analysis are as follows:

1, the slump in no country in the team):today's market rout, pan no particular country team, it makes a lot of money after meng force panic, panic after blindly to kill drop, caused late market selling more and more big, the shanghai composite index finally closed out a scary entities large yin line, day below 5, 10, 20, 30, 60 days five all thread that looks like a broken do you understand that?

in fact, as early as last thursday(xinhua) accused the guizhou maotai too fast, it has been revealed"management will begin to suppress white rose too fast", today's securities daily articles"chip excessive consumption value is harmful"further clarify the to blue-chip stocks rise rapidly on the"management", so today's large blue-chip stocks, stocks, charming country team also can not be helped to support.

2, the gem index fell below half a line:since this year, rise in the market, the vast majority of small and medium-sized market value of shares did not rise;the market falls, the market value of small and medium-sized stocks immediately to fall, more than 1500 stocks to a record low, has strongly suggested that in a large number of new shares listed on the background, a lot of results supports the small and medium-sized market value of stocks in a bear market pattern, the gem index dropped below half a year's line, and the small and small market value stocks we have to understand a truth:the current a-share market, has entered the era of"value investing", investors must change the concept of"stock"inherent, absolutely must be abandoned:"regardless of the fundamentals of the company, constantly defend himself to buy stock".it's important to know if your stock has an intrinsic value.a share development, there will be a lot of money in the future.

3, the market trend after the crash:the big blue chip and white horse stock market correction drove the market crash, which is the ultimate expression of the market"shift gear shift".as early as november 15th, i made a clear statement that the market would have a"main investment shift shift", and the cycle shares would relay the second wave of the white horse market.and the white horse stock must not go after high, on november 20th the white horse stock again the big rally is"inducted", the belief that many retail investors can't control their own hand has already chased height, now cry all too late.

, i always stress that the pension will not go to the high place to connect the white horse stock, only the low value and high performance+continuous adjustment of individual slumps today, only cyclical stocks are stronger, which is a major signal of the success of the market"shift shift".next,"the end of the cycle of the end of the year"is started across the board.

18 resources stocks quietly rose more than 3 billion funds to take over the layout

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early november 23, fleeing capital big shift resources sector, 40 stocks before inflows, resource stocks occupy 18, among them, baosteel, jiangxi feng liye, zijin mining, luoyang molybdenum, shanxi coal and huayou 5 stocks such as cobalt industry into the top ten list.but since the third quarter of baosteel shares become a-share's most profitable steel mills, award-winning fund, its almost a month to rise as high as 30%, according to data of baosteel in the first three quarters of net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 11.668 billion yuan, up 95.52% from a year earlier, but only in the third quarter, belonging to shareholders of listed companies net profit is nearly 5.5 billion dollars!

steel stocks are most popular with low valuation potential.img src=""/>

can be seen from the inflows in early trading, steel strands of the most popular in resource stocks, baoshan iron&steel, steel songshan, angang steel, square steel, bayi iron and steel, shandong iron and steel stocks, such as cultivation shares nearly 10 steel plate for addition, the current steel plate capital distribution of these individual stocks are among the low valuation stocks in the sector.

data show that the steel plate, a new dynamic price-earnings ratio is only 16.29 times lower than all a-share valuation levels, and all the 32 index plate, there are only 19 stocks latest p/e ratio is lower than the entire a-share valuation levels, among them, the bayi iron and steel, three steel fujian light, * st shares valin, cultivation, new steel shares, square steel, ma steel stocks such as the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is less than 10 times.

white horse faucet capital stock funds fled to beijing oriental a ranking first

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from recent outflows, the early stage of the white horse stocks leading the areas into capital flight, a boe outflows in 1.1 billion, the two cities in early trading, guizhou maotai, yili corporation, gree electric appliances, tcl group, such as kant's new stocks outflows addition, qingdao haier, midea group, three ann photoelectric, yunnan baiyao, hikvision, saic and other early hot stocks outflows also significantly, the corresponding stock price back to some extent.

resources has been shutdown to(ministry of industry and environmental protection jointly issued the"two 26"city part of the industry in 2017-2018 season in peak production notification) signboard this way before, and the order is start on november 15, as of march 15, 2018, also said since november 15, as of march 15, casting steel, coking industry will start to take turns to limit production, large-scale because involves more of the industry, the area is wide, long, this limit production notice is also called"history's most severe shutdown".

cycle stocks has always been based on downs for production cycle for fundamental key, this time limit production produced results are expected to boost plate rise further, many brokerages think at the same time, into the fourth quarter, the iron and steel shares after a previous fall sharply, leading mark valuations to return to the area at the bottom of the history, the bellwether or meet at the end of the market and worthy of attention.

(all of the above), the analysis is for reference only and does not constitute operation suggestion.if you operate on your own, pay attention to position control and risk conceit.<br/>

-there are a few months of stock picking techniques that you can use to distinguish authenticity from technical form.

a:bottoms out after long-term fall in share prices or consolidation, stock prices have a month k line to line 5 month, 5 month line goes flat or turn head upward(slope that the trend is strong, is leader),(10 weeks and 20 weeks average at this time going to golden fork or already golden cross), launched the yellow line up(white line has golden cross the yellow line, into money) significantly dmi and rsi low gold fork(or gold cross)

b:people remember follow hot.(one point:conceptual hot is necessary to master all aspects of the news to make a reasonable interpretation, judgment is suitable for speculation.once the shock period this kind of shares suddenly strong, it is good intervention opportunity.another point:plate hotspot.with the broader market, to accurately determine a path for the market to find the black ox, relative bear market when the market to find effective strong individual stocks)

c:5, 10 and 20 average price of the average family, 5 average prices for the week average price, reaction share price short-term fluctuations, suitable for short-term operation;the average price of the 10-day price is the average of two weeks.the price fluctuation of the reaction is the sensitivity of the 5-day line and the stability of the 20-day moving average, which is suitable for the short line operation.the 20th day is the average price line of january, the stock price of the stock price fluctuation trend, suitable for the middle line operation.the monthly average line system is used to see the head of the stock price, which is better than the 60 minute k line.

general close to break the 5th line or 20 line stops, date line because of poor stability can switch, in order to gain better profits, lower purchase cost.above is i share the month line stock option, sincerely hope can help to everybody, if have what not understand any time concern or illicit letter i oh!



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