the classification and use of spices

the bitter taste of spices in cooking very little usage, many bitter brine spice is used to make, but can be processed into a variety of health food, and all kinds of atractylodes, taste, is a good medicinal food, such as braised turtle and stewed with ginger.


:white cardamom:sexual temperature and flavor used in cooking, for cooking in cooking, stewing, stewed, halogen, used together with other symplectic flavor spices, can increase food aroma, we commonly used in curry, five-spice powder white cardamom, but very few quantity, similar pepper to taste.

grass cardamom:sex temperature, flavor cooking, it is often used with pepper, anise, cinnamon and other is suitable for braising, braising, braising, braising, braising and braising.note:mace is not used alone.

nutmeg:temperature, the mei xin, fragrant smell strong, widely used in the stew in cooking, burn, stewing, boiling, steaming, sauce, stewed, xing, sao, shan in the raw material for animal can remove the mei flavoured, smell taste, we often eat spicy beef, smoked, spiced chicken, duck, cantonese brine involve nutmeg.note:it is not suitable for diarrhea and diarrhea.

grass fruit:sexual temperature and is suitable for spicing, cooking and pickles to remove the differences, increase the aroma and enhance the appetite.

chennai:sex temperature, taste xin, there are sannai zi, sand ginger, sand ginger and so on.applied to the burned in the animal food, boiling, stewing, steaming, halogen, sauce, add resurrectionlily in pickled food, raw materials may be removed, xing, smelly, shan sao smell, spices, curry material at the same time the production of various one of the main ingredient of compound spices.

angelica dahurica:temperature, taste, for halogen, boil, burn, stewing, steaming, can eliminate peculiar smell, increase the sweet taste, and nutmeg, amomum villosum, bi fruit wait, clove, cinnamon, pepper, aniseed and use effect is better.

:temperature, flavor sheen, with a strong aromatic smell, can be seasoned in cooking, and can be used with other characters to use in the halogen, steam, sauce, cooking, braising and cooking of meat.

piper chinaroot:sex, spicy, odor such as pepper, often with angelica dahurica, cardamom, amomum villosum in cooking spices such as coordination, remove the peculiar smell of the animal raw materials, especially halogen, sauce food necessary, to increase incense.

cinnamon(that is, cinnamon, laurel):flavor gan, xin, the main aromatic flavoring effect, usage is wide, halogen, sauce food is indispensable, can increase food compound fragrance.

licorice:taste gan, the cooking ox can give sweet flavor, go to different pressure, and have anticorrosive function, all the dishes are used in a lot of brine.

a few introduce below again bitter flavor.

combination:taste, slightly bitter, may dispel the animal raw materials of xing, sao, smelly, shan mei, cooking often used together with other fragrance, taste seasoning, especially the animal internal organs, shandong cuisine famous"nine turn e."into the combination of powder, dishes.

gardenia:cold, bitter taste, can be used in brine, soy sauce, marinade, can play the role of dyeing.

spice use skills

all kinds of spices when cooking, generally has no fixed usage, we are marinating, sauce, will be based on what raw materials, varieties of raw materials(chickens, ducks, meat, fish, cargo, bean products, etc.) to make quantity of spices.the general rule is as follows:

1, the innards of the goods, and the spices such as nutmeg, grass fruit, mountain nai, dahurica, sand kernel, and beamel, etc., to add flavor.

2, for meat, chicken and duck, soy products, the general spice drop is relatively reduced, both to remove odors and add aroma, and to maintain the unique aroma of raw materials, which is the taste.

3, brine in the medicine bags for the first time to cook for 40 minutes or so will scoop out(or medicine fragrance too big), so use after three or four times, aroma, need to pack a hopper, boil a second, the first can also in it, so that the second package only need to cook for 20 to 30 minutes can remove, the first synthetic to about six or seven times is a waste, and to remove to throw away, the wrapped the third, so endure when brine can always ensure that there are two cartridge in it.

for example(personal experience)

raw material:take 50 jins of beef or pork for example.

spices:20 g white cardamom, grass nutmeg 20 grams, 30 grams of nutmeg, amomum 25 grams(cut with the knife, stripping out the meat, skin), 20 g galangal, 50 g angelica dahurica(the dosage is bigger, used to remove the meat xingshan ignorance, in order to increase raw materials back to the sweet fragrance), amomum villosum 35 g, piper chinaroot 30 grams, 150 g cassia(because, it is better to cinnamon bay times, cinnamon has a sweet taste, much cinnamon halide out is back to the sweet mouth), liquorice 60 grams(dosage is bigger, to be shared with chinese prickly ash, have the function of the aromatic antisepsis, brine may be not easy to bad), chinese prickly ash 30 grams, geranyl 25 g, 2.

spices categories

spices has narrow and broad scope, narrow spices can give food to give sweet, sheen, hemp, hot, bitter, sweet flavor, such as generalized spices is referring to spices, essence, etc.we are talking about the narrow sense of the spice, which is below:


sweet:cinnamon, licorice.jade bamboo, winter.

bitter flavor:nutmeg, nutmeg, clam nutmeg, nutmeg, cardamom, cardamom, caramel, caramel, sanai, shannai, and turmeric.the mountain ginger, the good ginger, the men, the schinang, the angelica dahurica, the fine, chen pi, etc.

:spicy:chilli, ginger, pepper, mustard.



aromatic flavour, star anise, star anise, clove, cinnamon, cassia twig, bay leaf, cumin, musk, sandalwood and aloes, dill, windproof, perilla, basil, mint, ageratum, basil, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, sage, spikenard.the fragrant thatch, the cow knee, the rose, the osmanthus flower, the jasmine flower and so on.

> now that they are sorted by smell, you need to know how to go with them and not add them.such as.radix aucklandiae, radix vladimiriae, cloud combination, civil, and thick leaves combination, the combination of cloud, temperature, taste bitter, slight aculeate tongue feeling, and radix vladimiriae aromatic and specific, taste bitter, we mainly use the cloud combination, after marinating spices package can increase composite fragrance, but if too much will make the flavour of the halogen soup, and a sense of barbed tongue, it in about the amount of 0.008%, 0.around 4%(compared to the raw material).for example, the sand kernel belongs to the bitter flavor, if put too much will have the reaction;perilla is used to fish for fish, but it can be harmful to people who have a common cold.these two things can't be more than 50 grams(25 kilograms of water).

use skills

1, geranyl before use to into the steamer to steam for 15 minutes and add the material package, to make it taste sweet.the leaves are dried and dried in the leaves of the laurel, with a fragrance and can be steamed before it can be effective, and now the kitchen's method of cooking can only add to its pungent taste.generally 500 grams of raw materials for 2 grams.

2, if you want to make the marinade, you should make two different kinds of cardamom and sand kernels.when the marinade is ready, you can add nutmeg and sand kernel for 4-5 minutes, because the smell will evaporate when the time is too long.if you want to make enema, grind it directly and add 0 to chicken meat enema.02%, 0.1%, pork enema add 0.05%, 0.1%, other meat products add 0.14%, 0.1 per cent(compared to raw materials).

3, such as perilla to cook fish, shall burn it in the fish to good with purple perilla leaf 1 minutes remove xing shan, and could kill some of the fish toxic ingredients, in order to avoid the occurrence of food poisoning, such as joining the fragrance of early will make it evaporate, leave a bitter taste, into the opposite effect.

.therefore, as a chef, you must first know about the spices, so that you can cook every dish and don't blindly use it.i would like to introduce a new recipe for brine.


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