why is wifi out of history?

the three major carriers, including china mobile, have finalized a 5g roadmap, according to a number of tech media outlets.among them, china mobile announced in march 2017 that it will build a 5g pilot network in major cities and will be fully commercial in 2020.china telecom said in recent days that 5g pre-commercial will be in 2019 and will be commercially available by 2020.china unicom also said that 5g pre-commercial deployment will be in 2019.it's worth noting that in the context of the upcoming 5g era, many industry insiders point out that wifi will be out of the history stage.so, the question is, why does this claim?

in particular, wifi the exit of the new products can replace him, such as traffic cost cheaper.today, for many telecom carriers, unlimited traffic packages are being rolled out.for smartphone users, unlimited plan, so that you can let us consider don't have to worry about traffic cost and use wifi, but we all know that the wireless data plans are often in a certain amount of time limits, speed on the user experience and is not very good.but once the 5g era comes, the problem of unlimited speed limits will be resolved, and the over-reliance on wifi by smartphone users will be greatly alleviated.

no matter how the future of wi-fi, wi-fi is always a great invention...we're familiar with wi-fi technology, probably after the popularity of smartphones.

, in fact, the wi-fi technology was born in the last century, was invented in the 1990s by csiro, an australian research institute, and successfully applied for a wireless technology patent in the united states in 1996.the leader of the team at the time was dr john o 'sullivan, a university of sydney engineering graduate who was the father of wi-fi in the australian press.

in the next 20 years, invented by csiro wifi has long been regarded as the best wireless network technology, now almost ubiquitous is wi-fi.

wi-fi is easy to use, but it is also very limited...instability, delay in transmission, limited transmission speed, narrow coverage, weak security, easy access to the web, stable broadband or optical fiber, and weak magnetic field radiation.

:with the development of science and technology, communication technology is slowly maturing, and it is only a matter of time before many maligned wi-fi is replaced.

1, 5g time is coming soon

, 5g technology has been basically mature, and many communication companies have also published their research results in 5g network.

qualcomm, for example, it has completed the first 5 g data connection, and released 5 g smart phone reference design, as early as last year, qualcomm has support 5 g network chip--xiao dragon x50 debugging demodulator, is actually tell phone makers, hurriedly give me production 5 g phone!!

more than qualcomm, missed the nokia smartphone era, 5 g technology is quite mature, also in 2015 announced its 5 g technology mature.rumor has it that the speed is 40 times faster than 4g.

first of all, must be the advent of the era of 5 g, infinite flow or will become the standard

today, everybody to others home, to eat outside the restaurant, coffee shop, drink coffee, go to the cinema, and so on place, literally, and the waiter's basic communication begins with:"how much do you have wifi password"?

yes, with the great development of the popularity of mobile phones and the internet, our life has got great convenience and change.dinner we can group purchase in advance, to go to the hospital we can online booking, we can also travel mobile phone take a taxi, etc.

2, 5 g has not been build commercial

about 5 g technology, more and more people think of network speed is fast, in fact, the popularity of 5 g and there are many benefits, and these benefits are likely to be let wifi relics of a killer, a 5 g technology based on high frequencies, so it has good frequency spectrum resources to meet the needs of a large number of users access at the same time, to meet the stability of the network.the second is that the high frequency of 5g will require more base stations, more base stations, more coverage on one hand, and more capacity on the other hand, and operators no longer worry about network congestion.three is the internet of things for 5g, which can be used more easily than wifi.but while 5g is good, it will be a few years before it can be officially commercially available, and it will take a long time to build a full 5g network.

3, operators of self-interest consideration

as the carrier, must be first consider their own interests, traffic management will be the trend in the future, telecom operators will put pressure on it gradually, treasure unlimited packages listed, is to explore the process of slowly, operators will find the best profit space, can let go of the right to use the wireless traffic, and the exploration process, is a long way.

therefore, wifi will quit the historical stage, but there is still a long way to go, need we wait.

wireless network is a technology that can connect personal computers, handheld devices(such as pdas, mobile phones) and other terminals wirelessly to each other.wi-fi is a brand of wireless internet communications technology owned by the wi-fi alliance.the goal is to improve interoperability between wireless networking products based on the ieee802.11 standard.some people call the lan of ieee 802.11 series a wireless fidelity.even the wi-fi is equivalent to a wireless internet(wi-fi is an important part of the wlan)

main function

wi-fi access to the internet can be as simple as wireless internet access, almost all smart phones, tablets and laptop support wi-fi access to the internet, is the one of the most widely used a wireless network transmission technology.is actually converts the signal cable network and wireless signal, as at the beginning to introduce, using a wireless router for the support of its related computer technology, mobile phone, tablet, etc.if the phone has wi-fi, it will be free to use the internet on the mobile unicom network when wi-fi signals are available.


network media

due to the wireless network band in the world is no telecom operating license, so the wlan wireless device provides a worldwide can use, cost is very low and very high data bandwidth wireless air interface.users can quickly browse the web page in the wireless fidelity coverage area and answer the phone at any time.other wlan based broadband data applications, such as streaming media and online games, are more desirable.with wi-fi function we make long distance calls(including international long distance), browse the web, email, download music, digital image transfer and so on, then don't need to worry about the problem of slow speed and high cost.wireless fidelity wireless fidelity, like bluetooth, is a short-range wireless technology that is used in offices and homes.


wifi set up wireless network general basic is equipped with a wireless network card and an ap, so then you can in a wireless mode, cooperate with the existing cable architecture to share network resources, set up cost and complexity is much lower than the traditional wired network.if it's just a peer-to-peer network for several computers, you don't want an ap, you just need to have a wireless card on every computer.the ap is short for access point, usually translated as"wireless access access point"or"bridge".it mainly acts as a bridge between the wireless workstation and the wired lan in the media access control layer mac.with ap, like the hub of a normal wired network, a wireless workstation can be quickly and easily connected to a network.especially for the use of broadband, wi-fi more advantages, cable broadband network(adsl, residential lan, etc.) to the home, after connecting to a ap, then install a wireless network card in the computer.the average family has an ap that is enough, and even if the user's neighborhood is empowered, it doesn't need to add ports, or it can be shared online.

at the same time, in my opinion, relative to the era of 4 g, 5 g era of would be the internet cable is thorough, 5 g even far ultra broadband speed, the technical progress and breakthrough, our domestic telecom operators and equipment factory are preparing for this convenience, change of the times the product is coming soon.in other words, new wireless technologies are coming out, and speed and technology are all over wifi.the wifi, then, might just fade away as it did in the past.

in the end, on the whole, in the mobile, telecom, unicom and other telecommunications operators, with the help of wireless data traffic is not the only threat to wi-fi.wi-fi has been around for 20 years, spawning a$20 billion market.but now, wi-fi is facing competition from other emerging technologies.for example, a new system, called lte in unlicensed spectrum, uses unlicensed spectrum to increase available network traffic to cellular data communications and to deploy lte technology solutions on wi-fi frequencies.