the myth of bathing in winter can kill you

in the cold winter, a hot bath can both warm up and relax.shower benefits more, besides can clean and exhausted, still can stretch blood, improve sleep, improve skin metabolism.

, but if you don't take a shower, it will make you sick and die.

:the next few bathing mistakes, you must not commit any more.don't let your life wreck in the bathroom~

error 1, long hot bubble bath time

winter cold weather, everybody likes comfortable to soak in the hot water, reluctant to leave.but that's not a good habit.bubble bath time is too long, can make skin surface loses grease to protect, can produce dry sao itch to wait for symptom, still can cause skin to wrinkle, dehydrate wait for a circumstance.

, in addition, prolonged baths are easy to fatigue, which can lead to heart ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in coronary spasm, thrombosis, and even severe cardiac arrhythmias.

:20 minutes of bath, 3~5 minutes of the cold weather, many people like to bathe in hot water, and even feel that the hotter the water temperature can improve the heat of the body.but too much bathing can make your skin miserable.

it can damage the oil on the surface of the skin, causing the capillary to expand and increase the degree of dry the same time, excessive temperature can increase the burden of the heart, because the blood vessels in the whole body are obviously dilated, so that a large amount of blood flow to the whole body, which can cause the heart ischemia and hypoxia.

:the water temperature is close to your body temperature when you take a shower.

myth and good clean bath

winter dry skin is weak, if you use a strong ability to clean the bath liquid, can aggravate the damage to the protective layer of skin, increase skin problems.when bathing in autumn and winter, we should choose mild bath products to avoid the irritation of the skin.

:bath liquid must choose alkaline, neutral and is best to apply a layer of moisturizing and moisturizing lotion after bath.

if you have itchy skin of old people don't use hot water, and should be gently wash with warm water(do not rub), getting older skin full of water drops, the skin is too dry and itchy, so don't use hot water to stimulate the skin, should choose something later+glycerin with white vinegar, cotton clothes, to protect your skin~

mistake 4, taking a bath, too often

a lot of people believe a bath more frequently, the body will be more clean.but with the coming of winter, the skin is becoming more and more dry and fragile, and the itchy skin is easy to follow.

a bath too much will reduce the surface of the skin secretion of oils and fats and normal parasitic bacteria on the surface of the skin, protective wash, easy to hurt the skin cutin layer, thus lead to itchy skin, the skin's resistance will be weakened, but vulnerable to diseases.the rubbing of the force also causes the fragile epidermis to be damaged, and the bacteria and fungus may enter and cause skin infection.

:the number of baths in winter is 1~2 times per week.

error 5 bath, order don't pay attention to

winter low temperature keep the human skin blood vessels was contracting, and winter the temperature of the bath is relatively high, warm water from the beginning, and suddenly"unprepared"adjustment system will make the human body, cause a sudden expansion head and systemic skin blood essels, a lot of blood on the surface of the skin, leading to important organs such as heart and brain ischemia sharply, dizziness, chest tightness and so on all sorts of discomfort it will find you.

u advice:take a shower in winter, the correct approach is, feet in a bath with hot water before you, for the feet warm and then slowly to pour water on the body, let the body there is a process of gradually.many people like to close their doors and windows in winter, lest the cold air outside sneaks in.but if you use a gas heater to take a bath, this behavior can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

:don't close your doors and windows in the shower.otherwise, if you are poisoned for more than 30 minutes, you will be in danger of life.


:most people take a shower, the first thing is to wash your hair, which is wrong.

low winter temperatures, took off his clothes into the bathroom, the blood will be concentrated in the gut and head, wash immediately, could lead to the head blood circulation, so for a long time, may induce cerebrovascular disease.

the correct order should be like this:



when you enter the shower house, an open hot water, can produce filled with steam, and the body's pores to expand when they are heated, so if when you not at this time to clean the face, first accumulated day dirt on the face, will take advantage of your door open pore, sneak into your pores.




in the dense vapor to nourish hair, the hair full moisture in the water before they are coated with shampoo, the hair on top and knead for a moment, rinse, be sure to rinse, then evenly with fire bureau ointment or hair conditioner, gently massage 3-5 minutes, comb with wide tine comb, wash.


.usually, it is advisable to take a bath after half an hour.


>because at this point, blood glucose levels are low, bathing easily triggers syncope.however, don't panic, as long as it is not empty time too long, the bath time is not long, there is no problem.


after strenuous exercise is unfavorable to wash

if you just run a marathon, immediately rushed into the bathroom bath, not only can't fatigue, also can make you feel more tired.after strenuous exercise, the blood circulation is active, and immediately bathing can aggravate the burden of the heart and blood vessels, and people with poor health can be deadly.if you've just finished your cardio workout, take a break for more than half an hour and take a shower.