why many celebrity couples are barren?after knowing why, many people cried

, for men and women, marriage has been a long time without birth, and occasionally let each other helpless.throw away the saliva of next door neighbor, family and friends, oneself in the heart doubt"oneself sick"?in fact, not the baby is not a sinner, open society nowadays, dink family is not a few, can enjoy"two people"world, longer wanted to go to that, without any restrictions and responsibility, think about also is very good oh!there are no fewer couples in the entertainment world.today, we are going to talk about some of the stars that don't have a baby.

1.cecilia liu and nicky wu

when it comes to entertainment, the conjugal love couples, many people thought in"the heart-pounding step by step"in the first time the show focus on love nicky wu and cecilia liu for play.mr.wu, 47, also had no children, married liu shishi and had no pregnancy news.

small make up said:love regardless of age, borders, just believe each other

2.tony leung and carina lau

a few days ago, rumors that carina lau is pregnant, this wonderful theory in li jialing in zhang ailing's sentence, denied that he was not pregnant.ms liu, 51, and tony leung, 55, have lost their best child-bearing years.

small make up said:two people happiness of the world, and admire

3.xu and feng xiaogang

xu domestic first-line actor;feng xiaogang is a household name.their love also experienced ups and downs, but one of them did not belong to their own children, and they adopted two daughters.

small make up said:love is mutual tolerance

4.cecilia and louis tan

x star cecilia and lover louis tan, have been married for 30 years, there has been no gave birth to the baby.ye tong, 55, has adopted two children together.it's a happy life.

small make up says:love has no right or wrong, only you understand me, i understand you

5.zhang guoli and deng jie

this is old play bone zhang guoli zhang mo son as you all know!but it was not deng jie, who was born to zhang guoli and mainland chinese actor luo xiuchun, and zhang mo was the biological son of luo xiuchun and zhang guoli.now, zhang guoli and deng jie divorced, do not know why.

small make up said:children are not in a marriage, but the regret of love

6.gong li and ooi hoe seong

international first-line star gong li and ooi hoe seong, had 10 years of marriage, but gong li has been no gave birth to the child.whether you can't get pregnant or not, you don't know.

small make up said:whether can bear, as long as the film love each other open your heart to accept all

7.sally and lam

sally lam, two people get married for many years, sally never have a son and a half.but marriage is still romantic and very sweet.they also claimed that they didn't have children, and they didn't regret it, but they felt wonderful.

8.chow yun-fat and gore verbinski chen

chow and his wife have no children of their own, have to say, in this way a generation of men who make genetic waste, but a shame.however, despite the age, the popularity of the elder brother is still very strong, and has been one of the most expensive actors.

small make up said:no child is not regret, as long as you and i stay together to die

9.zhou huimin and joe

zhou huimin husband and get to know each other, and have no child has nearly 30 years.rumor has it that the two have been working together, saying that they have been thinking about not having children when they got married and being a happy dink family.

small make up,"said dink is a brave, is that most people want to touch but did not dare to touch

10.sean andy and guo ailing

two people get married for many years, and also had no children, support each other, influence each other.as for the view of the children, liu qingyun once said that a family's complete and incomplete care about the relationship of family, and have no children.

small make up said:marriage children do not represent the complete family, and two people appreciate each other, believe that the fate

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