song shoujin, a famous chinese medicine practitioner: about the etiology and treatment of hypertension

hypertension, as a common disease and multiple pathogenesis, has been fully involved and affected most people's lives.according to the statistics of the relevant departments, the number of hypertension patients in china has exceeded 330 million!the fear of high blood pressure is caused by the various complications it causes.hypertension can cause cerebral apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and other circulatory system diseases, which seriously threaten human health.

masters, chief physician of tcm song shoujin

famous song shoujin of tcm in medical line for a long time, contact a lot of patients with high blood pressure, through his own clinical experience and research results, confidently told reporters:"the cause of high blood pressure is not disease, high blood pressure is blood run there may be a problem, the pathogenesis of hypertension is mainly by the blood feud, yin and yang are two virtual, qi deficiency and blood stasis, and qi stagnation and blood stasis.according to this understanding, we have developed a large number of cases and achieved satisfactory results from the adjustment of the human body's qi and blood.

song shoujin, dean of the traditional chinese medicine and famous zhen-qing wang, communication in the hospital ward and patients

song shoujin dean through years of painstaking research, enlightenment through the fundamental cause of high blood pressure is blood feud, and qi stagnation and blood stasis.according to the disease etiology, he found the solution to the high blood pressure, the treatment of the land is:adjust qi and blood, invigorate the circulation of blood, qi double repair, the body produces biased to completely eliminate high blood pressure.he developed new prescription"song shoujin rauwolfia"begin from hypertension incidence of root treatment, on the study of tcm treatment of high blood pressure, a substantial cross and improve, has obtained the satisfactory curative effect, fill a blank of the market at home and abroad.the vast majority of patients are in a very short period of time and are completely cured.

to song shoujin achievement evaluation experts to visit the hospital

song shoujin, dean of the treatment of high blood pressure, through a large number of clinical verification and investigation, can be summed up in the following several big advantage;quick treatment, short course, no rebound, wide indication, mixed qi blood, symptoms and, dean of the five zang-organs and health of chinese medicine, the body balance of yin and yang, not only in patients with normal blood pressure, at the same time as the improvement of patients recovery of qi and blood, and body function, the whole situation of the body are greatly improved and improve.after taking traditional chinese medicine, the blood pressure is gone, the blood sugar is normal, the premature stroke is gone, the heart disease is gone, the chest has been improved, the body has become stronger and the body has become better.

at song shoujin medical achievements evaluation

the song dynasty, dean of the effect of using traditional chinese medicine treatment of high blood pressure, patients huoyuying said:"song director can make a lifelong medication of patients with high blood pressure, completely got rid of drugs, it's really a big not believe to be honest, i started, but have friends see dean here cured during the song dynasty, high blood pressure for many years, also came to try, dean of the song dynasty, the bothers me or the years of high blood pressure.i am now convinced that the master of song has a great hand in the spring."

, june 30, 2017, song shoujin uses traditional chinese medicine to treat high blood pressure science and technology conference in yanggu, shandong province.from beijing, shanghai, jinan and other places of traditional chinese medicine experts, evaluation committee listened to the study, the project team to review the relevant information, through inquiry, discussion, field investigation, the evaluation committee agreed that the project with independent intellectual property rights, the use of traditional chinese medicine treatment of high blood pressure, has a huge advantage, the project results reached the leading domestic level.

song shoujin in the treatment of high blood pressure, the effect of patients with good

typical cases:

1, huoyuying, male, 83 years old, the original si 5 the county retired veteran cadres.hypertension for more than 40 years, patients with coronary heart disease.take tang medicine ten days, originally take western medicine high pressure 160, now traditional chinese medicine has stopped the high pressure 140.for more than one month, the blood pressure is stable and it feels good.and after taking traditional chinese medicine, he became better in physical condition and lost 15 jin of he is light and he feels, explains the patients by taking chinese traditional medicine, tone up your body qi and blood, qi and blood filling, five reconcile, enhancements, original stagnant in the body of excess fat and garbage and other wastes in the body, can be he feels less weight, but feels more comfortable and powerful.

2, yang fu, male, 71 years old, former vice president of yanggu county people's hospital.1991 high blood pressure, more than 20 years, before taking the drug 180/95, after taking the medicine 135/80.patients before taking the medicine, dizziness, brain swelling, poor memory, mind get confused, not clear, taking 20 days, stop the western medicine, patients blood pressure stable, now feel sober, sleep, is good for drug overall evaluation.

3, liu jun, male, 65 years old, shi haicun in yanggu town, shandong province, taking the medicine all the year round and eating the stomach.take the president of song dynasty 15 medicine, the general feeling blood pressure is stable, basically stop western not only the blood pressure is normal, the former limbs are weak, the heart is spent, the feeling that always wants to bed rest is gone, now ego feels body is powerful, do not have those bad present, the drug has been suspended for about 10 days, and the blood pressure is stable and all aspects are good.

4, zhang zhida, male, 43 years old, the staff of the hospital, 5 years high blood pressure, have a family history of hypertension, drink chinese medicine for eight days, blood pressure is normal.prior to the western medicine, you will feel dizzy, feel the head like being wrapped, now stop medicine 20 days, everything is normal, the body is comfortable.

5, huoyude, male, 68, shandong taian shaft factory worker, patients with severe hypertension, high blood sugar for many years, after taking chinese traditional medicine prescription to cure hypertension, surprised to find that his blood sugar, tend to be normal.his blood glucose was about 20 to 30, and his fasting blood glucose was 7, and his blood glucose was 10 after the meal.


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