4000 km/h train refresh in China!The plane: can you give point face?

last week, the United States to raise the founder elon musk's super high-speed rail programme shocked the world.Hyperloop One company's high-speed rail plans with the aim to speed 1200 km/h, project assumptions in San Francisco to Los Angeles need only half an hour.

4000 km/h train refresh in China!The plane, can you give point face?

however, Too Young, Too Simple.

yesterday, China aerospace science and industry group, said China is developing a top speed of 4000 km "high speed train", and the high speed train, is "made in China"!

4000 km/h train refresh in China!The plane, can you give point face?

a news, the netizens' opinion then fry pan, we questioned say "impossible", "is 400 not 4000" and "ticket may be expensive to unacceptable".

net friend comment on: imagination

gaudy ts: mk 4000 / h high-speed rail is this called?Should not be called portal baa

, director of the toilet: oh my god, it is land rocket

college bachelor degree ascension teacher huang: aircraft: can you give point face Don't be too fast

for a bicycle: has the speed, why I still buy a house in shenzhen?Buy villa home directly to work in shenzhen luo

2 am blue: I've just checked, the j20 is about 3000 km/hour Mach 2.5

POTUS45: has yet to find a seat has been sit stand...

small sweet red in kinglichee: forgive me if I want to is it overturned Don't know oneself drop in which city

the China aerospace science and industry group, "" high speed train head Mao Kai today to respond, said" for new things, netizens have doubt very normal ".

mk 4000 / h is what concept? passenger aircraft shall generally be 900 kilometers per hour, nowadays the world speed record high iron: 605 kilometers, the front-runner, two speed were seconds kill!

for Internet widely concern about the safety problems: "speed" security? the human body can withstand?

the Mao Kai explained that the human body are feeling, is actually the acceleration feeling, like a plane in cruise flight when everyone is feeling less than, can only be felt at the time of land and take off, it is for this reason.

"' speed during acceleration will be in accordance with the human to bear ability, the acceleration is not too high, has been accelerated to cruising speed (or top speed), speed is the same."Mao Kai said.

in the end, about the project when the ground? Mao Kai said there has been a relatively complete planning, will step by step according to the three-step strategy implementation:

the first step by 1000 km/h capacity building regional intercity train flight transportation network.

step 2 by 2000 km/h capacity building national super flying train transportation network, urban agglomerations in national main line, especially around the five economic zone, Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, guangzhou, wuhan, a national model of the flight network.

the third step by 4000 km/h capacity building "area" flying train transportation network, eventually forming a space poetry, high-speed rail, nuclear power after China's new business card.

with the high speed train, it only takes 30 minutes from Beijing to wuhan, and from Beijing to Moscow, is less than two hours!That is to say, in the morning, to catch up with the morning starts.

in 2017, is a science and technology of China "Cambrian"

with the high speed train, along the "One Belt And One Road" countries, will contact more closely.A new era, to come!In 2017, the "Cambrian period" of science and technology of China, China's scientific and erect a year.

in addition to the high speed train, the sky, the sea, into the land, micro, all four of the most difficult thing, also is we the Chinese conquered.In determining the outcome, decides success or failure of high-tech in the competition, the Chinese time and leads the world, let the world attention!

1, heaven: china-made large aircraft, soaring to the first flight successfully!

on May 5, broke the monopoly of Boeing and airbus, china-made large aircraft C919 first flight mission successfully in Shanghai pudong airport.

2, the sea: domestic carriers in the water!

on April 26th morning, China, the first aircraft carrier into the water!It has the world first-class steel, the world's leading carrier of active phased array radar, the system of the world's leading electromagnetic interference carrier, the world's leading ship integrated power technology, such as absolute cutting-edge, strength the roof!

3, agent: quantum technology achieve large span

on May 3rd, the tech world ushered in a bombshell: made in China out of the world's first light quantum computer beyond the early classical computers.

released on June 16, the United States in the journal science on the cover, a quantum from China satellite "mozi" appeared again, particularly eye-catching.

a quantum computer, with the fastest in the world of computing power, quantum communications satellite can completely eliminate the spy hacking and cracking of secret communication technology, these two aspects, we walk in the forefront!

4, and the sea: combustible ice was a complete success

in our country now combustible ice reserves of 100 billion tons, according to the current energy consumption, we can at least meet the energy demand of our country's nearly 200 years.

the emergence of new material flammable ice, will break the traditional energy sources such as oil, natural gas, coal for many years of market monopoly!China as the first first to conquer the technical challenges of country, in the future will have more say in the field of global new energy!

by that time, americans also say what chock the strait of malacca to blockade China's oil transportation, also said that what made the Middle East oil dilemma, also said that what monopoly shale gas technologies, at all!

China is overtaking corners!Whether high speed train, large aircraft, aircraft carrier, or flammable ice mining, a quantum computer invention, is the world's most sublime, cattle to no friend black science and technology, now these technologies, we Chinese master!

can go up to nine days, but the penta-ocean pick "ice"!Is this really proud, create history, worth high-five, to sing, to swig!

cowhide is not blow.Major research results in recent years, frequent assembled with "world first" attitude, has been to show the world our country science and technology to enhance strength and innovation ability, reveals the big confidence.Science and technology is the first productive force, this time China will be standing on the summit of the world technology!

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